Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Playing Catch UP!

This week has been very hectic! I have both dogs this week... it's called "test week" to see how they do at our new place... Leaving them has been difficult! So, I haven't really felt "organize" needless to say... But lets get to business!

Feb 6- Dinner
Totally didn't take a pic of our shrimp, spinach and portabella mushroom din din! yummy for sure! Tonight, after our birthing class we are having this!  Easy to make & yes, I make special trips to Olive Garden for their delicious salad dressing. I'm obsessed!  Salad & Pizza night!

Feb 7-Button
I am so loving the button bouquets! I even bought a small one for our 2 year anniversary pics last summer, but left it back at my Parents house! So, it just sits awaiting the next perfect time to make an appearance! Id love to learn how to make these!  

Feb- 8 Sun  
Ha, not today folks! Just north of us they are getting some snow! I'm actually hoping a little sticks around for our maternity pictures Saturday morning!! But..keeping low expectations!
Here is a pic..of the sun back in Manhattan Beach..oh how I miss it!

Tonight- if all goes to plan they are giving us a hospital tour of the labor & delivery part of the hospital. I hope we can, I have really been looking forward to this!  I was also really excited to see Project Nursery showcasing a nursery using the same bed cribbing as us! It really helped with inspiration and locating a few pieces!

3 more days till our baby shower! We are looking forward to seeing everyone!

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