Monday, September 9, 2013

One Last Beach Trip!

This summer has definitely flown by... and we are in September already. It is true. The older you get..the faster time flies! I have been really trying to "be" in the moment..everyday with Andrew.  In fact, I'm currently reading and re-reading The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. I totally recommend it..

We will hopefully hear back soon about where we will be moving next. It has really kept me on edge waiting...and waiting.. Again, we have no control..and need to just hang on this roller coaster ride. I'll be excited when the ride comes to an end :)  

In the mean time, we have been enjoying our summer. We just got back from the beach with family. Andrew had a great time in the water this time! We went to Sunset Beach, NC.
Here are some of my favs!

Got a selfie one evening..

It's amazing..Little One. You have so much to look forward to..

Below is a picture of my Brother and my Niece. The Little Ones are sporting their babiators. Too cute!

Now that I have had a beach week..with hot temps...I'm ready for the FALL WEATHER!!!!