Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Cake Smash Turning 1

Andrew was lucky to have two cake smash sessions! But wow, are they messy!!! :) Nonetheless, they are a ton of fun! We finally got all our pictures back from the photographer. I decided to go with a superhero theme! 

A= Andrew :)

Katie from Katie Cakes Cakery created this delicious masterpiece!  
It was exactly what I wanted!

Yes, I went to Hobby Lobby and created this one of a kind cape & wrist bands! No sewing involved..just some sticky velcro and glue!

Yes, he is wearing Honest Diapers in the comic hero themed design :)

So, he didn't get toooo messy! But he had a good time :)  I love the pictures !! And, I'm so proud of myself for making his costume! Everything looked great together!! The balloons were a last minute thought..literally as we are driving on the way to the photo shoot...and I'm soo glad we did!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Park Day!

Knoebels Amusement Park...is probably one of my favorite childhood memories! It's not your every day amusement park...This place holds a lot of history and has a ton of character. First off, it's free to enter the park and walk around...enjoy the beauty and fresh air. Free shows..pay as you ride..affordable games! You actually don't feel guilty playing..and then losing! haha... and then surprising yourself and winning! Lastly, it's a place to make memories!

As a family, my Parents would take us camping to Knoebels every year! A big group of us would go and wow was it fun! Did I mention they have a huge pool!? With water-slides? I couldn't wait each year..for memorial day weekend!

I haven't been back in about 15 years...yeah that's a long time! As I entered the park with my Husband and Son I found myself overwhelmed. All those memories came running back...a little too fast. Don't get me wrong, I was sooo happy! Though at the same time..I wanted to go back to those days...I found myself a little sad too. It's funny how certain places can bring back such strong memories which then turn into feelings....which then make you feel overwhelmed :) :)

We went on exactly three rides :)  Andrew is still a little guy...:) 
Our very first ever amusement park ride......

The Train!

I didn't have to hold him...but I wanted to :)

Next up..was the mini carousel with Daddy.

He is laughing in the 2nd picture :)

Then we went on the big one! The music was much louder which Andrew wasn't into..but once we got moving he was fine..

As I mentioned above, the games are super cheap...and such fun. We had to play my favorite!!! Fishing :)

My friends and I would play this game all.the.time. Seriously..it was the highlight of our trip. Not exactly why..but it just was. If you could have heard me while I was fishing with Andrew...I was so excited!

Basically, you take the "fishing pole" which has a magnet at the end of the string...into the water with fish floating by..Each fish has a number to a specific prize :) Yes, that simple...yes THAT EXCITING :) A winner each time!!

We didn't have enough time to go swimming..but we will next time. As we were walking out I had to go and check it out at least. It was exactly how I remembered it! Not a lot has changed..

It was a great day...making new memories!

We were playing the frog game..haven't played this game in over 10 years... I think I got 3 in a row at one point! Those games make you feel like a kid! Andrew just about had it at this point..it was humid..hot..and he was ready for some AC with a nap! Plus, I think there was a ride next to us making a lot of noise. But we walked away with three prizes for our Drew!

Monday, June 3, 2013

1st Haircut!!

On Saturday, we finally caved and Andrew had his very first haircut! I located the most perfect place to take care of my lil boy!  I think the pictures speak for them-self!

Hanging out and playing till it was his turn!

Yay! He loved sitting on Thomas the Train!

Throw on the cape!

Watching Elmo.. yes this place had it all!

Then, it took a turn for the worse!

Ohhh Lolipop!!! This tastes good!

Nope, still not happy!

Yay! We are done!! We survived :) He loved getting a balloon!! I loved getting a certificate :) He looks like a lil Man now! Where did my baby go?