Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sprinkles Please..

Today, I am totally wanting  needing one of these!

Mmmm dark chocolate with sprinkles.. 

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Monday Blues...

Mondays at this household are always sad.. Mr. Southbay goes off to work for the week :(  It's just me and Little Man holding down the fort.. So, I have decided to do something positive every Monday..as long as it puts a smile on my face.. it counts! I will not sit on the couch and feel down!

Monday Blues Plan:   Today I'm going to get my brows waxed & take Little Man for a super long walk along the strand! 

He absolutely loves sniffing the fresh air...Doesn't have a care in the world..This puts a smile on my face!!

So, put it there Monday Blues!!!

Welcome to our blog!

I've decided to create a separate blog for our adventures on the west coast!  Mr. Southbay and I are excited to use this blog as our journal of our life living in the Southbay of California! Maybe even meet other newlyweds living in the area. For the past couple of years I have been over at East Coast Weddings and seriously loving all things wedding...pretty...and creative. I plan on continuing over at East Coast but we wanted to develop something more personal for us to reflect on as we look back on all of our adventures on the west coast!

So, I hope you join us on our adventures living in the Southbay!