Sunday, September 25, 2011

Darling's 12 Week Update

Bump Pic!

Little Darling's Size: A Plum , approx 2 inches

Countdown: 196 Days to go!  Due Easter :)

Clothing: Mr. Southbay and I headed out lastnight for some bigger clothes! Frustrating at first..but we ended up buying just bigger sized clothing at Express! I'm in need of some new scrub pants for work! Bit too tight!

What I Miss: WINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cravings: Mac n Cheese..pickles..olives..   umm hello sodium :O

Symptoms: Light headed at times, always hungry, gums are sore

Total Weight Gain: 2lbs

Gender: Thinking boy...  we find out in 8 weeks & 2 days! 

Sleep: Up at least two times for bathroom, toss & turn. Excited when I sleep for more than 3 consecutive hrs. May get one of those body pillows..

Movement: Not sure what it is, I occasionally get this "flutter." Not consistent.. 

On a Positive Note: Did a Breast Cancer Walk today with friends! Fighting for CURE!

A Message To Our Darling: After seeing you again on the ultrasound last Friday..something changed in me...I'm so happy! Every time I look at your picture, I smile...I feel calm. I'm so excited to meet you and love you!

***I posted a poll! Located TOP left!!  What will the gender be? 
Please vote!!!! ***

Friday, September 23, 2011

Almost 12 Weeks!

So today was a very EXCITING day for us! We met with our west coast obgyn today and Mr. Southbay was able to see our Little Darling on the monitor kicking around. The legs were moving....and then had it's legs crossed. It was super cute :)  We could also see the heart beating which was new! This ultrasound allowed us to see so much more. 

Here are two pictures that were given to us !

Below is a picture focusing on the legs! sorry kinda blurry, I used my phone to take the pic.

I also just found out a dear friend of mine is approx 1 week ahead of me with twins!!! I just wish we lived closer to each other :) We just need to get ourselves back East with family!

Today, after Mr. Southbay went back to work I head over to Color Me Green nail salon. It is a eco-friendly, organic salon. No harsh chemicals...odors... It was such a pleasant time. The only downside is the cost..It was double the cost of a traditional nail salon. I plan to go back just not very often.  It will definitely be a special treat for me! 

Happy Weekend :)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Feeling a Bit...

Overwhelmed..that is!  Trying to take all of this one step at a time. When we got engaged..I pretty much knew exactly what to do to proceed. But this is a completely new ball game!  We are still in the early stages of planning and preparing yet when it comes to thinking about what we need to get a for our Little Darling it all becomes a blurr...! The Bump has been a great place for info so far...and I'm slowly coming across other new Mommy's to be blogs.

At 6 1/2 weeks, My mother and I headed to our OB while I was back East...they did an internal ultrasound and we were able to hear the heartbeat and actually see our Little Darling! I couldn't believe it...we created life. I will admit..I was relieved when the Doctor announced only one heartbeat! :-) Take a look...sooo tiny! I believe our Little Darling is 7mm long when this picture was taken. It was definitely an emotional day for me and my Mother was just loving every moment of it! I'm so grateful she was there supporting me and being apart of that special moment.

Jump ahead, we are just a couple days shy of 12 weeks! Then we move onto the 2nd Trimester already! I'm really looking forward to the next stage!  Tomorrow we meet our new OB out here on the west coast. Mr. Southbay hasn't been able to hear the heartbeat yet..and I'm so praying she allows for this to happen. Oh I'm excited for tomorrow :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Seattle Bound!

The weekend prior to Valentine's Day..Mr. Southbay and I are headed up north to Seattle! We are super excited for another mini get-away! Has anyone been there and recommend places to see and do?!

We are staying at the beautiful Seattle Marriott Waterfront hotel.  Downtown in the middle of everything! We have a relative that works for Marriott who hooked us up with a great deal! We will be there for three nights!

Our list of things to see and do...
1. Space Needle- do dinner or just drinks? I have heard mixed reviews.
2. Pike Place Market
3. Starbucks! 1st original store!
4. Nordstroms! 1st original store!
5. Ferry to Bainbridge

I find myself adding to my bucket list...not exactly crossing anything off these days :) Oh well!

***I'm not sure why I didn't publish this posting! But since starting this post we have gone to Seattle and had a blast! Great food...amazing shopping and delicious restaurants!!!  Here are a few pictures from our weekend!
Here is Starbucks!

The famous Market! Tons of seafood, produce and flowers!

One of our many amazing views from our hotel...

Dinner at the Space Needle! I'm so glad we did this... everything was delicious! The view was amazing!

Yep, the clouds rolled in...wind arrived along with the rain! BUT I was able to use my new rainboots!!!

There is the Space Needle!

We met up with some family..which was so nice!!!!

Another great trip...and another scratch off the bucket list!

I'm Back With News!

I've decided to start this blog back up :) A LOT has happened since I last posted! 

Let's catch up fast!
We celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary! Had a few photos taken :)

Enjoyed a nice weekend in Palm Springs!!!! Lovely place to vaca to...I could never live there! Super hot!!! We stayed at La Quinta Resort & Spa...Very nice!

In June we did a Mud Run together :) His 2nd!

July was filled with tons of parties and my Mother came out to visit! This was definitely a good month! We took her to Malibu Vineyards!

On August 6th, we found out I am PREGNANT! what?! 

Were you expecting this!?

Yes, our Little Darling is 11 1/2 weeks old today! Only a couple more days and we are thru our 1st Trimester already!  I honestly can't believe that I am pregnant...It is still sinking in...that by next spring we are going to be parents!

So, that is a quick recap on us!!! 

We started a simple blog over on to keep our family updated but I think I will continue over here to have opportunity to journal this amazing journey we are heading into! I'm hoping to connect with other expecting Mothers and learn as much as I can!! 

We haven't' taken a photo of my belly yet! I keep forgetting! So, this is definitely on my things to do list!

It feels good to be back!