Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Seattle Bound!

The weekend prior to Valentine's Day..Mr. Southbay and I are headed up north to Seattle! We are super excited for another mini get-away! Has anyone been there and recommend places to see and do?!

We are staying at the beautiful Seattle Marriott Waterfront hotel.  Downtown in the middle of everything! We have a relative that works for Marriott who hooked us up with a great deal! We will be there for three nights!

Our list of things to see and do...
1. Space Needle- do dinner or just drinks? I have heard mixed reviews.
2. Pike Place Market
3. Starbucks! 1st original store!
4. Nordstroms! 1st original store!
5. Ferry to Bainbridge

I find myself adding to my bucket list...not exactly crossing anything off these days :) Oh well!

***I'm not sure why I didn't publish this posting! But since starting this post we have gone to Seattle and had a blast! Great food...amazing shopping and delicious restaurants!!!  Here are a few pictures from our weekend!
Here is Starbucks!

The famous Market! Tons of seafood, produce and flowers!

One of our many amazing views from our hotel...

Dinner at the Space Needle! I'm so glad we did this... everything was delicious! The view was amazing!

Yep, the clouds rolled in...wind arrived along with the rain! BUT I was able to use my new rainboots!!!

There is the Space Needle!

We met up with some family..which was so nice!!!!

Another great trip...and another scratch off the bucket list!

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  1. Glad you posted it! Now you'll have to share what you recommend! :) I'd love to visit there sometime!