Sunday, September 25, 2011

Darling's 12 Week Update

Bump Pic!

Little Darling's Size: A Plum , approx 2 inches

Countdown: 196 Days to go!  Due Easter :)

Clothing: Mr. Southbay and I headed out lastnight for some bigger clothes! Frustrating at first..but we ended up buying just bigger sized clothing at Express! I'm in need of some new scrub pants for work! Bit too tight!

What I Miss: WINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cravings: Mac n Cheese..pickles..olives..   umm hello sodium :O

Symptoms: Light headed at times, always hungry, gums are sore

Total Weight Gain: 2lbs

Gender: Thinking boy...  we find out in 8 weeks & 2 days! 

Sleep: Up at least two times for bathroom, toss & turn. Excited when I sleep for more than 3 consecutive hrs. May get one of those body pillows..

Movement: Not sure what it is, I occasionally get this "flutter." Not consistent.. 

On a Positive Note: Did a Breast Cancer Walk today with friends! Fighting for CURE!

A Message To Our Darling: After seeing you again on the ultrasound last Friday..something changed in me...I'm so happy! Every time I look at your picture, I smile...I feel calm. I'm so excited to meet you and love you!

***I posted a poll! Located TOP left!!  What will the gender be? 
Please vote!!!! ***


  1. You look adorable! You're going to look so cute as you get further along!

    So you're craving all this salty food.. I hear that means boy so my guess is you're having a boy! :) I bet you're so excited to find out!

  2. Super cute!! I recommend trying the pregnancy wedge from Boppy before investing in some expensive pillow. I use like 5 pillows every night. 2 for my head, 1 on either side of me and then the pregnancy wedge and it does seem to help. Still not sleeping perfect because of aches and getting up to go to the bathroom every 2 hours but I'll take anything that will help. :)

  3. Congratulations! You look amazing! Just found your blog, I'm an East Coast-er now living in LA as well. Love it!