Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Meeting the Dentist!

I was excited to take my Little One to the dentist last week! A little..worried he would be completely freaked out but I know it was good exposure for him.

Many people were in shock that I was taking my 15 months old to the dentist. I got the weird looks...the Why? question... Well, why not? It was first brought to my attention by two friends of mine who are in fact dental hygienists. They told me that dentists are now recommending we bring our little ones in around the age of one and then yearly there after.  First, it gets them used to having someone prod around their mouth. Second, its a great opportunity for parents to get educated in proper dental hygiene.

I learned that Andrew is way ahead of schedule with teeth! He has a ton...and his canine teeth are just now coming in...wow...its getting full in there! The Dentist who was a lady...(very important for lil Drew) brushed his teeth, inspected them and applied a fluoride varnish. No, Drew didn't actually sit in that chair.. he laid down between me and the Dentist...His head was up on the lap of the Dentist who looked down on those pearly whites. I had to hold his arms down. He didn't like it too much but it was all over in 45 seconds... maybe? It wasn't long.  

I was also educated on the pacifier...and sippy cup!!! So the Dentist encouraged us to only use the pacify if really needed and have it gone by age of two. Second, to switch over to the straw sippy cups so it does not impede the development of his teeth and jaw. DONE! I actually had his cup along and she was able to see what we were using. 

We went to Kearns, Ashby & Rajchel Dental Office in Harrisburg Pa. If you are in that area and looking for an amazing team of pediatric dentists!  Take a look at their website. The whole office is geared for kiddos and they had a ton of fish swimming around in beautiful tanks! I think Drew would love to have a fish!!!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Drew's 15 Month Update!

It is really hard for me to believe that my lil one is 15 months old. I actually caught myself saying 14 months...then my Husband kindly corrected me... I said.."really?"  

So, here we go month 15!


*Size 4 diapers! Using Honest and Luvs (for nighttime)
*Eating everything except raw fruit.. I've tried blueberries, peaches, grapes, melon...geesh.. If its pureed you will eat it. I occasionally mix it in yogurt and oatmeal too but alone...no way!

*We had our very first airplane ride and you did so very good!!! Slept both ways...I was stumped ;)

*You took your first couple of steps in June.  (14months) Then from there..each day you added another step and grew more confidence. Today, you walk everywhere! I thank you for taking your time with walking. I was able to keep you a lil baby a bit longer than normal.

*You amaze me every day! Your brain is absorbing so much lately. Sign language is going pretty good. Some of our daily signs would be Milk, Poo Poo, More, Food and all done. 

*Still going on the potty. But-I'd like you to start telling me you have to go. We are working on it. 

*First time on the beach! It was so exciting watching you explore! Touching the sand...water...

*First time camping with Gigi and Popi. It didn't go as well as I had hoped. Day time was a blast. Dinner went good too.. but sleeping is another story. You really need your own bed. That's the bottom line. So around midnight I threw you in the car and drove an hour home.. Oh well! We had so much fun though!

I found a shirt at Carters...it said "Daddy's Little Camper." Also, snatched up some army shorts! We had a blast driving around in the golf cart too!

 *You have mastered standing and holding objects like drinking out of a cup. Also, bending down and picking up toys.

*Just the other day, you opened the back door at Gigi's house. I heard a noise..like someone was coming into the house..I was all startled. Then, I see it was you!  Oh my...

*Finally after months and months of practice.. you go through the doggie door. So now it is difficult to keep you from leaving the house :)

*We go next week for your pediatrician visit. Excited to see how much you have grown! 

*Drinking a little bit of cows milk , tons of almond milk and water every day. Bottles were put away back around month 12! That was a little sad...but it feels good 

*Sleeping pretty good. Typically we don't hear from you till morning. Every now and then you wake up..and just need a little help to get back to dreamland. 

*Naps...oh no..I'm thinking you are starting to resort to 1 nap per day. So not ready for this! Depending on our day...Your nap will actually go over the lunch hour.. and it will be for a long 3 hours. Then thats it till bed time. Then other days we do two. So, the transitioning is happening!


*We go for daily walks and you appear to really enjoy them..but if we go shopping you would prefer if I never stop moving! Or you would rather get out and walk around. So, shopping has been limited. It isn't as fun as it once was. 

*Growth spurt wow! One day your shoes fit..the next not so much. So we bought like 4 pairs of shoes... hoping something works! Size 4

*No words yet, but a ton of babble. a TON! I'm just waiting to hear you say that magical word (mama). 

*You have completed swimming lessons! We even had to be bumped up to the next age group and it turned out to be great. It was a 2 week session. Everyday... and by the end you were comfortable floating on your back. I'm hoping to sign you up again around fall time.
*Had your first piece of pizza...yes it took this long! Since I can't eat anything with preservatives...soy..tomatoes..neither do you..  So when we do go out to eat I order you something different!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Beach Time!

We were sooo excited to take Andrew to the beach! The first time seeing the ocean.. putting his toes in the sand! The seagulls flying by... We hopped on a plane two hours south to Jacksonville Beach Florida to visit a friend who lives 100 feet from the beach :) 

There were a lot of firsts on this trip... First airplane ride...first time flying with a ton of stuff (stroller, carseat, baby, suitcases..). But we survived! Learned a lot ... and had a ton of fun! We wanted to take a mini vacation to allow us to have a good idea of what to expect with Andrew and well..us too!  

Soon as we arrived... we grabbed some food to eat and headed down to the beach for an evening walk. The weather was perfect! 

Standing in the ocean for the first time!

First official day on the beach! It was windy...and hot! 
All Andrew wanted to do was push the cart..all over the beach. 

We took turns walking with him...needless to say..he slept great every night...even with two naps!

It kinda worked!  Saw a pic like this below on Pinterest...

Andrew is all about giving hugs and kisses right now...and we are soaking it up!

That is our friends pup Dolly..the sweetest lil thing ever !

I have a gazillion more pictures I could share..but this is enough :) Andrew is walking soo much more! Taking more chances... attempting to clap his hands while standing.. it's really too cute.. We learned a lot on this trip..and are excited for more trips to come!