Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hello 2014: Moving... Again!

Two years ago, we took the plunge and moved from Redondo Beach, Ca to California, Md. I was pregnant and we felt it was the right time to move closer to family. So there we were... new home, new town, soon to be new parents and new job. Wow, when I list them like that I'm not sure how we did it all?! I won't wasn't easy. Especially the preggo part:)   Since then, we have made a ton of  memories in this home....

Andrew came home to his very first bedroom!

Lately, I have been spending more time in that chair holding him...thinking back of all the firsts that happened here..I get emotional each evening as we sit and read his favorite books.  It was really the only room that we completely decorated, since we new we would be moving again at some point. (we are renting) 

We are currently over three hours from our family. Our goal has always been to move closer if possible. Well, that goal has been achieved!  Now we will be just under two hours. In a town with excellent schools and a mall. Ha... we don't have much in our current town except Target!  Closer to Whole Foods, shops, and many more activities. Plus, our families will be more willing to come see us and not have to stay over night. With that being said, we are excited but wish we could take Andrew's bedroom along :) Trust me, I have taken a ton of pictures to show him one day. We plan on making his next one super special and fun. 

So, on January 17, we have settlement on a house we found in a great neighborhood!
 Please meet our new home. 

 It definitely needs some updating inside, but that can all come with time. Being first time home buyers is incredibly nerve-racking :) We are hardcore renters! Though, it will be great not having the share walls with anyone. As soon as Spring arrives a nice fence for the backyard will be installed for our little crazy dog Kingston! My favorite part is that its located on a cul-de-sac. Nobody driving too fast down the road = safe for my Little Andrew! 

So, needless to say it is going to be a crazy next few weeks with moving and my Husband starting a new job (again). But, family is close by to help! Nothing can replace family... Nothing. 

As 2014 begins, I pray that we will start making a ton of memories in our new house. Andrew falls in love with his new bedroom and my Husband will feel content with his new job and new role as a homeowner. As for me, I pray for my health. These past two years since Andrew was born has been a struggle. I also never knew how strong I could be. Andrew makes me stronger. He makes me a better person. I am also grateful for this blog. It's a great place to document :) 

I hope everyone who was out and about last night had a GREAT time!!!! We stayed in and watched, "We're the Miller's" OMG...HILARIOUS!

Happy New Years Everyone!