Monday, December 17, 2012

Drew's 8 Month Update

*Lets add peaches & mangos to your list! Eating so much better :)

*Went to visit with a Speech Therapist and Nutritionist. We are doing "oral" tactile stimulation with a Nuk toothbrush daily. We hope it helps with keeping your tongue back in your mouth. You still have your "sucking pads" which you can read more HERE. It was a very interesting/informative appointment.

*Experienced your very first ear infection. 11/26/12 You went from sleeping thru the night sleeping for 2 hours..then up for 1...and repeat...

*Had your very first Thanksgiving!!

*We went to Candylane for the very first have no idea how exciting that was for your Mom and Dad! Its one of our very favorite places! 11/23/12

*Had 7 month photos taken!! They turned out great! The one below is my fav!

*Soon as I think I have you figured out..

*You are growing up so fast! You weighed 20lbs on Nov 26th... Hair too!

*Daddy has been gone for a few has been just you and me kid!  We have been spending a lot of time with Gigi and Popi.

*Still rolling a ton...not crawling at this point..

*11/ 30/12 First tooth making its debut! (which probably is not helping with night time sleep)

*11/29/12 First time sitting on a toilet.  :)  We are trying this out.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Google Question! $$

Hey friends.. so I got a message from Blogger/Google.. that I must buy "space" to upload more photos.. Yikes! This has never happened to me before. Could someone please explain!! Id love to continue blogging!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Fall Fun!

Well, I have no idea what happened but I swear Drew grew 5 inches and 5lbs over night... I looked at him this morning and couldn't believe how big he was! 
Ugh..he is growing up way to fast.  

The other day I looked in my Parent's backyard to find gorgeous red leaves naturally I ran for my camera and bundled up Andrew and headed for those leaves! He was so mesmerized by the leaves it was like nearly impossible to have him look up. I was lucky to get one good shot! The kid moves super fast these days...

I had to capture those big cheeks!

I love how he is first, holding the leaf...and then looking at it!

Those red leaves were sooo beautiful!

Last month we arranged to have some pictures taken with Mr. Southbays side of the family. We decided to all wear navy, dark purple and grey.. I think they turned out great!

I'm glad I brought some pumpkins along..added a nice pop of color!

I couldn't believe I found a purple/navy shirt for Andrew over at the Gap!

Getting family photos done are sooo oober important to me! 
You can imagine how many pictures we have in our house :)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Drew's 7 Month Update

Okay...before we get started..I can't believe we are already at 7 months! With all our back n forth from MD and PA I missed place your milestone stickers and will be ordering new ones!! Oh darn! Soon as I get them I will snap away!

*Sitting up and playing with your toys all the time... You are already needing me less and less.. :(

*Down to 4 bottles a day..

*Eating one big meal between feedings in the evening.

*Avocado, Butternut Squash, Prunes, Apples, bananas and sweet potatoes to add to your list of items! Eating much better this month, as it is staying in your mouth!

*When we go out to eat you want to eat too! You are definitely picking up on stuff... you smart cookie you!

*Nap time...well it's a bit harder to get you down for them lately.. and when you don't want your pacifier you really let us know it!

* Sleeping through the night.. can't complain there.

*Right before bed...after your bath you are in my arms..relaxed...we look at each other and you start to giggle..cute little grin. Id love to know what you are thinking!

*We are taking less walks because of the oooh so cold weather! its sad..

*Took you to the mall for the first time and you started to cry.. We are assuming it's from the loud noises.. after a few minutes of loving you....everything was okay once again in the world! It was funny to watch Daddy push your stroller in the mall.. i must say.. :)

*wearing size 6-9, 9 month clothing.

*Size 3 diapers..

*Whenever you topple over while automatically roll on your belly...

*We can never keep socks or shoes on your feet!!!

We had 7 month pictures done the other day. Ohh it was fun..and you did soo good! Below is a sneak peek that the photographer sent us!! We also had family pictures taken with Daddy's family.

This month has been a blast with you! Now that you are sitting up all by yourself..we are able to do a lot more!

Monday, November 5, 2012

DIY-Christmas Ornament

This is a DIY that I have been wanting to create since we tied the knot! Yes, its been over three years! I just couldn't part with our left over wedding today I pulled them out of hiding and got to work. I found this idea over on weddingbee. Wow..haven't been over there in a long time!

Here is the finished product! I want to say it looks better in person!! It will look even better on our Christmas tree this year!!!

First cut your invitation into strips. Then roll them up somewhat tight..I used a piece of tape to secure them. I also let them sit for a day prior to placing them in the glass ornament just incase the tape gave way.. It did happen quite a bit!

I won't lie..this project took me a while to complete! It also depends on the size of ornament. Or you could just place the strips inside the ornament.(see below) It takes like no time at all to complete. I think it also depends on colors of your invitation. If you have a very colorful invite it would look great. Since a huge part of my invite is white I had to really try to keep the green showing as much as possible.

Soon as we put up our Christmas tree I will snap some pictures of them! We have one of our invitations framed and I love looking at it..but now I get to use them again. It is such a great way to use your left over invites..and have such a meaningful ornament.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Sandy & Andrew

We have done what we can to prepare for Sandy... ugh! I'm praying we do not lose electric. I'm trying to be optimistic but that only goes so far! Wishing we lived closer to family so we can all be together...keep each other company. 

I feel so bad for the kiddos that have been looking forward to trick or treat night on Wednesday...The rain may ruin the night :( We were soo looking forward to handing out candy as well! We haven't lived in a neighborhood in a long time that participates in trick or treat..and there are  TON of kids around here!

Here are a few pictures of Andrew in his costume!

I'm learning to use my camera...but still need to learn Photoshop... So I can edit the pictures..

I created a card over on Shutterfly..and they turned out so perfect!I had about 15 made and shipped them off to family.. I can't wait to make our Christmas cards!

So fingers crossed the flooding is minimal..and we keep power! We already have a mini stream in our backyard. It's been funny trying to get Kingston (our pup) to go out and do his duty! He wants nothing to do with all this rain.   

Stay safe my East Coast family!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Drew's 6 Month Update

*It's getting harder to take your milestone pictures these days!

*Sleeping exclusively in your crib or packnplay when we are at Gigi and Popi's house. You are either on your back or side..yes your side!!! It is really cute!

  *Always babbling, and you have started to laugh..giggle! It's really adorable!

*We tried rice & oatmeal..but after lots of research..your tummy isn't well equipped to adequately digest all of that :( So, we have moved onto .. Bananas, sweet potatos and carrots... you absolutely LOVE sweet potatos! You get angry when the spoon isn't refilled and ready to go :) 

*Your Doctor wants us to go to a feeding specialist..more on that later.

*Love splashing the water during your baths! I'm going to find some cute bath toys! You have grown out of the first part of your tub.. ahhh you are growing!!

*Andrew you bring us so much joy...

*When you are really happy your body tenses up and you scrunch into a ball and bury your head into my shoulder. Your Daddy & I really love it when you do that!

*Feedings down to 5 bottles a day...!

*At the church picnic (September 22) I took you down to dance the misirlou (ethic circle dance) and I held you the whole time. My arm was ready to fall off but you enjoyed it ohhh so much! I wish we would have gotten a picture!

*You are so curious.. constantly reaching for face..the bottle. Reaching for the green duck that hangs off your car seat.

*Still drooling a lot and at times more fussy than normal. We think you may be teething..but who knows! Started to use your Sophie giraffe and I see you chewing your pacifier ...teething?

*I found you a Halloween outfit!!! Oh my you look soo cute! Can't wait!

*Wearing size 6-9, 9 clothing!

*A big smile goes on your face when you see Kingston or Eli Mae. Eli is like a big mama bear to you.. Kingston is finally starting to warm up to ya!

*Rolling rolling rolling... !! It's great!

*Just recently you are able to sit up all by yourself..I don't wander too far in case to tumble over!

*Did I mention you are fussy these days :) We purchased tons of stuff to help with teething...! Hoping at least one item does the trick! Here you are chewing on the apple.

*In size 3 diapers..We really like Target and cute!  

*Went to Alexandria-day trip. You were a very good little boy! It was a beautiful day :)

*Your 6 month appointment stats: Weight: 17lbs 13.6oz, Length: 26.25, Head 45cm. Growing!

*Been going to church a lot since we are up in PA for a little bit. I love that you are able to see your Godmothers and that they are taking you up for communion. Below is a picture of us after looked soo handsome!

*You are in your big boy stroller seat :( can you believe it!!! BUT you love it! We sometimes take 4 walks a day since Daddy works soo late.You are constantly looking around...and appear very relaxed. This is my view of you now! ps.. i LOVE your stroller...

Monday, October 22, 2012

Sneak Peek!

The other evening we headed out to capture some cute pictures of our lil guy in his very first Halloween Costume!!! Here is a sneak peek!

He was loving his little pumpkin and well so were we!  
Next week I will share the rest of the images of our lil guy!

AND...I promise 6 month update coming up next! 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Instagram Craziness

Get ready..set...GO!

Big boy stroller!

Kingston & Eli Mae

Snoozin after a long day of football!


Found our shadows!

 Ring is cleaned,  inspected and up to date on appraisal!

LOVE this shirt :)

Mr. Southbay's little surprise!

Spending time with Uncle Mike!

Teething face?

A drooling machine!!

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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fall Swap!

My amazing Fall Swap partner Sara from Miss V's Busy Bees sent me the best package in the world! I'm currently up in PA visiting family for the week and so wish I would have took pictures prior to leaving. I guess this is what happens when you have a little guy dictating your life :) no complains!!! :)

I received a box full of delicious smelling candles and hand sanitizer! Soo ready for fall! A cute pumpkin candle holder and a stuffed pumpkin that smells like October :) Nail polish...and a Starbucks card to top it off! Everything is placed around the house in its new home!

Thank you so much Sara for the thoughtful gifts!
Click here to see what I sent!


Sunday, September 30, 2012


I believe these photos are about 5 weeks apart...

OMG he is growing like a weed! We are almost at 6 months people!!

Yes, I haven't been a good blogger..but that also means I have been on the move! I have a couple of blog posts coming up on our last mini day trip and wow we hit a milestone folks..Andrew has been consistently rolling over...its!

I have also been learning to use my SLR on manual...lots to learn there too!! is one that came out pretty good.. Andrew's expression is priceless!

We are heading into October!!
For some reason I am super excited about this!! 
Bring on FALL!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Playing Catch Up!

My just a few words lately has been I totally get the phrase... "full time mother.." as an occupation. Mr. Southbay has been working a TON. I'm so grateful that our little guy has been such a great baby.. I can't complain... not one bit! 

This past week..I learned I have hyperthyroidism and well it has definitely put a bit of a scare in me. Besides losing tons of hair..horrific headaches...etc I am anxious to get my results back from a thyroid ultrasound. It is also taking forever to get in with a specialist too which doesn't help one bit. So, my days right now are just trying to stay active..and keeping me "busy" per se... So there is little room for my mind to wander off to "what if" ville.....

This past weekend we went to our church picnic and I did a kolo while holding Andrew! arm was ready to fall off :) but he loved it! (A kolo is a circle dance, ethnic). Here is a picture of him just showing how much fun he was having!

My girlfriend did a "boppy nogin" search on Google and on page 6 she came across Andrew's picture.. my lil guy is famous! :)  2nd row, last pic. Oh now that put a smile on my face!!!

 One day last week while I was cooking dinner I turned around and saw Andrew's bib turned into a cape! How adorable!!!!! OMG....It made me melt!


We just purchased him an exersaucer and he absolutely LOVES it... We went with this one from Evenflo.I totally recommend it!!! 

Can you believe that the summer is coming to an end? Wow that went fast! We booked a 6 month photo session for our family and I'm totally looking forward to this!!