Monday, December 17, 2012

Drew's 8 Month Update

*Lets add peaches & mangos to your list! Eating so much better :)

*Went to visit with a Speech Therapist and Nutritionist. We are doing "oral" tactile stimulation with a Nuk toothbrush daily. We hope it helps with keeping your tongue back in your mouth. You still have your "sucking pads" which you can read more HERE. It was a very interesting/informative appointment.

*Experienced your very first ear infection. 11/26/12 You went from sleeping thru the night sleeping for 2 hours..then up for 1...and repeat...

*Had your very first Thanksgiving!!

*We went to Candylane for the very first have no idea how exciting that was for your Mom and Dad! Its one of our very favorite places! 11/23/12

*Had 7 month photos taken!! They turned out great! The one below is my fav!

*Soon as I think I have you figured out..

*You are growing up so fast! You weighed 20lbs on Nov 26th... Hair too!

*Daddy has been gone for a few has been just you and me kid!  We have been spending a lot of time with Gigi and Popi.

*Still rolling a ton...not crawling at this point..

*11/ 30/12 First tooth making its debut! (which probably is not helping with night time sleep)

*11/29/12 First time sitting on a toilet.  :)  We are trying this out.

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