Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Birth Story

I've been wanting to type down the story of the birth of my child for weeks now...I don't want to forget a thing..I want to be able to tell him one day how it all happened! Sorry, this post is a bit long :)

I believe it was about two weeks before my due date, it was decided that I would stay up in PA with my parents. Mr. Southbay was working extremely long hours and at times, it was very difficult to get a hold of him. Anxiety was rising... and being alone all day didn't help the situation. Soon as the decision was made to move up with my parents..and deliver in Harrisburg about 75% of that anxiety went away.  I already established doctors up there that I was very comfortable working with..Fast forward two weeks and Mr. Southbay came up as well permanently till after the baby was born. We went to my OB appointment on Monday, 1 day after my due date. I was only 1 cm dilated and the distress test came back fine. The OB did a membrane scrape that visit..

All night Tuesday I was cramping. In fact, it was hard to sleep. Ha, I even Googled it the next morning, "Cramping sign of labor." I did a lot of Google... Could this be it?  Then, around 10am the cramping kinda came and went.  I even timed it...they were getting more intense. So, I called Mr. Southbay (who was in my parents office working) and had him come in right away! We tried timing them but they were not very regular. He called the OB around 11am and we had an appointment at 1:00. I remember telling him I didn't want to be that person who goes to the hospital and then is sent home..  :)  Well, on the way to the OB office the contractions were coming A LOT stronger and only around the lower back. They went from 5 to 3 minutes apart.. I couldn't believe it was happening!  Mr. Southbay dropped me off at the door and I headed in. I couldn't believe I had to wait! I was sitting there in pain..I was not happy about this part.. They new I was coming in. Well, soon as I was taken back 10mins later...  the midwife took a look and said, "You are having a baby!" From there they sent me to the hospital. We phoned our parents!

The hospital was only 15mins away which was good! I laugh when I think about this part of the story... Mr. Southbay missed the entrance :) and since all the roads are just about one way.. we had to go all the way around again :) I actually had to keep him calm! Then, once we pulled in the valet guy was no where in sight. I told him to just drop me off, I'll find my way. As I'm walking in two hospital staff see me hunched over and help me in. Then, as I look up my Priest is standing right in front of me. I couldn't believe it! It's funny how things happen.. He pushed me up to labor & delivery and said a prayer for me and my child. It brought tears to my eyes, I don't think he really realized how much strength he gave me at that moment. Within minutes  Mr. Southbay arrived.

The unit was incredibly busy. In fact there were no room available and several of us ladies had to be put in the "observation" room. I was on all fours trying to deal with the contractions. Then on my side... just trying to figure out the best position. After several hours of waiting for a room..I was finally taken to our room and within minutes the anesthesiologist walked in ready for my epideral. I was shaking..and just could stop! It was kinda funny.. I was actually doing good...but just couldn't stop shaking..they said its normal.. That evening..up thru the night I slept as much as I could. They kept coming in and checking on me around the clock..then the Dr. said, "Go ahead and start, call me when you need me." So, we began.. I think it was about three hours later the OB walked in and out came my baby. 

Then Mr. Southbay cut the cord! As you already know Andrew wasn't breathing properly so they took him to the NICU and 5 days later he was home with us!  Looking back on that day..I feel so proud of myself that I gave birth to my adorable little guy.  I just kept visualizing him coming out and did a lot of deep breathing. I was definitely in my own zone!

It's pretty amazing... the experience of being pregnant...giving birth and then seeing your son or daughter for the first time...WOW!

I end this post with the biggest smile of the day!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Time is Flying!

We have been super busy with traveling back and forth from MD to PA! Mr. Southbay has been on travel.. on an aircraft carrier to be exact, for work..so Andrew and I have been off to be with friends and family!  Here are some pictures from the last couple of weeks!

Since the weather has been super hot hot! We go swimming in the evenings..and oh my does he love the water! Even just sitting on the steps..with our feet in the water.. Here he is with his Aunt Samantha and Gigi!

Andrew is starting to enjoy laying on his mat and beginning to reach for objects!!

Since he is spending more time on his back..I purchased a Boppy Noggin to help reduce a flat spot. Working out pretty good!

This past week we started him in his own room at night. Wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be..but thank goodness for video monitors!!!!

I've been trying to have nap in different places during the day.. Here he is in his packnplay.. we love the Chicco one we purchased..it wasn't cheap.. but we can definitely tell the difference in quality..Totally recommend it!! He also sucks on the back of his hands..I notice he does this to soothe himself..especially right before he falls asleep.

He still isn't a fan of tummy time..but we try to distract him..kiss him...

He works hard though :) 

Everytime we are on the floor..its hard not to take pic of us! He is growing so fast..too fast..

Monday, July 9, 2012

Drew's 3 Month Update!

*You are growing way too fast! On Monday June 18th you received some vaccinations. You were a champ!

*June 18th,  Weight 11lbs 11oz, length 22.5inches, head circumference 16inches!

*Up to about 5-6oz per feeding! You definitely let me know when you are hungry..

*We still tell everyone that you are such a good baby..you have the best temperament. I hope it sticks!

*Wearing size 3-6mo clothing. It makes me sad each time I throw another piece of clothing in the "no longer fits" bag. 

*You are mesmerized by the glow turtle...we turn it on as we are getting you dressed after your bath.  It relaxes all of us :)

*I started using the baby monitor while you take naps in different places upstairs.. sometimes in your crib, rocker sleeper or packnplay. Not sure what I would do without that monitor! You are still sleeping at night in our bedroom but I have a feeling that will be changing soon!

*You try your hardest to roll over... today infact you were able to roll onto your side but that was it. It will come soon my dear!

*Since Daddy has been off on business lately..we are driving back and forth to PA..I pop in your U2 music lullaby cd and it automatically calms you...Since it's U2..I don't mind it at all... I kinda really like it.

*When I dive in to give you a kiss on your cheek you anticipate me and open your mouth..super cute!

*Sooo curious, constantly looking around and taking in everything! I sometimes catch you watching Kingston..now that is adorbs!

*We celebrated our First Mother's Day...Father's Day..and 4th of July!

*Wearing size 1 Huggies, fits you way better than Pampers. We tried the G-Diapers but they just didn't fit correctly around the waist.. Left red marks and that's no bueno.. I have thought about cloth diapering but with so much travel back and forth to PA recently..I don't want to impose that at my parent's house..nor on my parents..

 *Obsessed with sticking your tongue out! Oh my... !  :)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Andrew's First Fourth!

Just a quick post on Andrew's first 4th of July! 
He was all smiles :) Oh that smile makes me melt!

I loved his outfit :) Those shorts...too cute!

Daddy & Andrew!

Gotta have some yummy food!

We had a relaxing day...visited some neighbors..had some over for food...It was extremely hot yesterday..we are ready for the temps to get lower than 90.. Andrew and I are headed back up to PA tomorrow since Mr. Southbay is on business..I'm ready cool off in my parent's pool! The humidity is overwhelming at times!!

I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July! A huge thank you to all the service women and men who have served our country! The Declaration of Independence is more than just a piece of paper. It is a symbol of our country's independence..our Freedom!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Father's Day!!

Father's Day was relaxing and simple! It all started with breakfast in the morning..a little cook out for lunch then made our way down to MD for the evening..just in time to snap some pictures of Daddy and Andrew!

He kept his eyes glued on his Daddy! It was adorbs...

Out to breakfast shot :)

Father's Day cards..I made one and just couldn't resist another one I found in the store..
I also came across this book..and couldn't' pass it up either:) I wrote "1st Father's Day" inside along with the date. Mr. Southbay has been working extremely long hours..Sometimes it will be approx 80 hours in a week..6 days then like last week he worked over 120hrs..Something is completely wrong with our society.. This is precious time away from his family. He works so hard to support all of us. We love him to the moon and back. So, when he is home I make sure they have some alone time together.

All Mr. Southbay kept saying was.."I don't want any gifts..I just need your support right now."  Wow.. I know he has been struggling with the hours he works and then when he comes home trying to be that Husband and Daddy he wants to be..That is a lot for anyone.. I admire him so greatly and I know this is only temporary and God has us in this situation on purpose. We are meant to go through this together..it will only make us stronger... Well Love..you got my support.. Always will...& Always have.. Happy Fathers Day babe! 
We love you!

Birth Announcements!

I finally ordered and shipped out most of the birth announcements last week! Wow..its amazing how fast time is flying... Our Little Darling will be three months at the end of the week... I was sooo happy with how they turned out! We used the fabulous images from Heather Blair Photography.

I also put pictures on the back.. had to share more of the adorable images! I received a Shutterfly gift card one day..no idea how I received it. In fact, once you get pregnant..its amazing how much you will get in the mail :)  They were still pricey and ended up creating a more affordable announcement to send out. They are still really cute!