Monday, July 2, 2012

Father's Day!!

Father's Day was relaxing and simple! It all started with breakfast in the morning..a little cook out for lunch then made our way down to MD for the evening..just in time to snap some pictures of Daddy and Andrew!

He kept his eyes glued on his Daddy! It was adorbs...

Out to breakfast shot :)

Father's Day cards..I made one and just couldn't resist another one I found in the store..
I also came across this book..and couldn't' pass it up either:) I wrote "1st Father's Day" inside along with the date. Mr. Southbay has been working extremely long hours..Sometimes it will be approx 80 hours in a week..6 days then like last week he worked over 120hrs..Something is completely wrong with our society.. This is precious time away from his family. He works so hard to support all of us. We love him to the moon and back. So, when he is home I make sure they have some alone time together.

All Mr. Southbay kept saying was.."I don't want any gifts..I just need your support right now."  Wow.. I know he has been struggling with the hours he works and then when he comes home trying to be that Husband and Daddy he wants to be..That is a lot for anyone.. I admire him so greatly and I know this is only temporary and God has us in this situation on purpose. We are meant to go through this will only make us stronger... Well got my support.. Always will...& Always have.. Happy Fathers Day babe! 
We love you!

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  1. Aw so sweet. I know sometimes times can be tough, but y'all are doing a great job! Your hubby seems so supportive and provides well for his family which is such a blessing. That book looks so sweet!