Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Drew Turns 2!!

I can't believe my Little Darling is already 2 years old. OR, should I say 24 months old :) Andrew has been totally into planes and helicopters for the past few months. Pointing to them as they fly high in the air...it is quite adorable. He even uses his hand and pretends its an airplane soaring thru the sky! 

So, when it came to making decisions on a theme this year, it was a no brainer! So, pinterest inspired Disney Planes themed party was created!

I was so super happy with how it all turned out! My friend whipped up the cake and cupcakes which was a huge help!  Isn't the suitcase adorable! I got it off a Facebook local yardsale page :) 5 bucks.  I found a picture on pinterest which initiated the whole design. Cloud balloons and checkered flags were found on Amazon. Printables-Etsy. 

Andrew had a cake all for himself! 
Orange fondant balls and "2" candle really made it all pop!

The cupcakes were so super yummy!!  They were also so darn cute! 

We located several different Disney Planes characters from Target, Toys R Us, and Walmart.  Orange gumballs were used for the main cake!

Another pinterest idea! The older kids loved them! 

Those Andrew wings...
I put up crepe paper to turn down the glare and I think it actually made the pictures look cuter! 

Andrew was super tired at this point and I was so worried we were about to all witness a meltdown. Soon as we all started to sing to him... he was smiling :) Whew!


He was so careful while eating the cake! 

Once we gave him a spoon, he dug right in!

When I took this picture, it was as if he knew I was snapping away... he stopped walking and looked at me. He gave me the best smile ever. Every time I look at this picture I tear up. 
Oh, and I had to make him an official Drew Airlines t-shirt :)  I also whipped up some pretzel bags with the same logo!

 A quick family picture!

We are so grateful for friends! 

Bubbles are always a hit! We really lucked out with the weather! It was a gorgeous day!!! A big thank you to my parents for allowing us to crash their house to host Andrew's birthday party!!! I can't believe my Little Darling is 2 years old!!!!