Thursday, May 31, 2012

Our 3rd Anniversary!

Our 3 year anniversary was yesterday! Wow, does time fly! This years was different due to the fact we have a little one now with us :) In fact, we didn't even exchange gifts this year... they just were not that important.. What was? Having dinner together..and spending time with our Andrew. Mr. Southbay has been working very long hours..and when he is home he still does more work.. His job is so demanding right now. So, when we were able to just have dinner together and talk...Look at Andrew..simply spending time together was the gift. 

This year has been a "transition" year for us. This time last year we were living in Los Angeles and had no idea our lives were going to be taking a huge turn! We found out we were pregnant in August & in November Mr. Southbay's job would be relocating us to the East Coast.  We picked up and moved over Christmas.. Then in April, we became parents. What a whirlwind! To be 100% honest, there were times I was ready to scream and cry... change is never easy... but, I could never have done any of it without my best Husband :) 

It honestly doesn't feel like three years.. Where does time go? 
Here are a few pictures of our past year! We had a ton of fun!

Palm Springs  (I miss my tummy)

4th of July

Malibu Vineyards

Brother gets Married in PA

NASCAR in Fontana, So.Much.Fun.

Maternity pictures! We are back East!

Now our new adventure begins!

Every year we get our picture taken on a Hershey bar... don't worry we still plan on doing that! Making it a true tradition!

Monday, May 28, 2012


This post is all about happiness...well how I arrived there...

 You see for the past couple of years I have been discontent.. I just couldn't get settled and actually "smell the roses.." aka, enjoy life.. Now don't get me wrong.. I LOVE my Husband and feel incredibly blessed. The thing is I always felt like there was something missing. I was constantly entertaining the idea of going back to college to obtain my masters degree. In fact I took the GRE's and completed a course at UCLA to fulfill my pre-reqs. To give you a visual.. I always felt like I was at a "T" in the road. Which way do I turn.. Left was "school" and right was "motherhood." OR was there an alley or dirt road that I wasn't aware of!! :) Fear, hope, anxiousness, doubt are just some of those feelings that held me back..What if I make the wrong decision!

Well on August 6, 2011 the Lord made that decision for me... I was to become a Mom. This child was a surprise so when the news came I was in a bit of shock to say the least. A couple panic attacks later I somehow found peace within myself and came to the conclusion that this was what I have been waiting for. My answer.. my right hand turn. Throughout the end of my first trimester..2nd and entering my 3rd I was at such peace. Enjoying each day to the fullest. Actually taking the time to "smell the roses." Even my co-workers and friends commented how much more relaxed I was.

It was about three weeks to my due date that I started to doubt myself.. "Could I actually do this?" Well, on April 12th at 6:33am my new life began. It wasn't until 4 days later that we could bring him home and officially begin 24/7 parenting duty!  We were both scared..yet excited. Those first couple of days.. were all about learning about each other. I really didn't have time to "think" too much..just act...instincts kicked in..  There were some bumps that we had to get over...and figure out but we did... Then, there was that moment.. "I think I can do this.."

About two weeks ago... we were taking Andrew for a walk.. I saw him smile. It was then it hit me... "I'm so happy." This was the feeling that I have been searching for.. that real emotion. Happiness & Contentment,  then my eyes swelled up. Yeah, it kinda hit me just like that! I shared this with my Mother the other day... and she of course started to tear up.  "This is all I ever wanted for you." It was definitely a that I won't forget. Does this sound cheesy? It may, but it really happened just like that.

I am Everyday...every minute I am soaking in my time spent with my Andrew..Watching his Daddy hold him. The late night feedings..the early mornings.. every cry, frown, smile.. I know there will be a million more bumps in the road..and there will be days I will be tested to the max but I know I can do this.

Friday, May 18, 2012

1 Month Old

A little late..but nonetheless!

I can't believe you are already one month old! It is goes so fast :( I have been trying so hard to take in every minute...!! Snap pictures of every cute little thing you do!

You are getting stronger everyday! Your neck and head control amazes me!  If you start crawling early..It won't surprise me one bit!

Your Daddy and I love you so very much..and fall more in love with you every day.. is that possible?

I think you are going through a huge growth spurt..every 3.5hrs on the dot you are ready to eat!!! There is no room to mean business :)

We have been up visiting family while Mr. Southbay has been away on business. Miss Eli Mae was soo excited to see her Little Brother :) She is always by his side! All she wanted to do was give him kisses.

I snatched up milestone month stickers over at Twinkle Dreams Design on Etsy!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mother's Day!

I can't believe I just had my very first Mother's Day! The weather was gorgeous in Southern Maryland and perfect for spending tons of time outside by the water. Saturday morning I woke up rather later than normal (YAY!) to a delicious breakfast made by my Hubby!

You see..out in LA there is a cafe/restaurant called Le Pain.. Everything is and delicious! Well, Mr. Southbay prepared one of our fav items on the menu.. Organic steel-cut oatmeal with tons of berries..along with agave syrup.  Yes, it was delicious! Then, we all got dressed and headed out the door to the Solomons Island boardwalk! It was a gorgeous day..tons of people out on their boats...walking and enjoying the day. For us, it was a lot of firsts! I took in tons that day...wanting to remember that specific time...on my very first Mother's Day. 

We headed home that night..relaxed! Mr. Southbay headed out for a jog...and the Little Darling and I went for a nap :) On Sunday, we decided to go back to the boardwalk..but this time we stopped at a restaurant that sits off the water for some lunch. The Maryland crab soup was ahhmazing!! We missed that stuff so much while living out west! We were in no hurry that day..I loved being able to just meander around..not having to look at the clock :)  

Oh Kingston you are adorable! I'm sooo happy our new area caters to pups!

Sunday evening..we grilled and sat out back relaxing...and I had a beer :) It was PERFECT!

Mother's Day Flowers!

Since I have been feeling really ready to get back into shape..we decided the best gift to give each other for Mother's & Father's Day is an elliptical! Between the both of us..there is little time left for the gym since our Little Darling consumes most of that :) So the gift of health it will be :) I can't wait to get on there and get my body back!

Congrats to all the Mothers out there!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Little Darling 4 Weeks Old

-For a while there all you did was spit up...had me worried! But it seems you have worked it out and doing better with all of that :) I hope it keeps going this way!

-You are adjusting to your new home in Maryland very well! This past week was our official first week together..just you, me and Kingston :) It has been going soo good and I'm loving every minute!

-Bath time has been so much fun in the are so calm and appear to really enjoy them!

-Every night you spend quality time with your Daddy, while I grab some sleep :) Last night, you two rocked in the chair for awhile..I think you enjoyed it just as much as Daddy did!

-Everyday you spend some time in your swing. You appear to really like it at times and recently you are looking out the window while you swing :) Not sure what you are looking at exactly..but its super cute!

-Much more vocal...yes you are! hmm how can I convey the sounds you make?! "ahhhhhhhhhh"   "ehhhhhhhh" and you hold that for about ten seconds..and you go up in pitch,,.its very precious..and funny! Makes me smile, Daddy too!

-You are a growing boy. I had to adjust your car-seat straps today :) 

-Smiles! All the time recently :-)

-To help you fall asleep, we wrap you in your fleece swaddle...and like magic you are off to dreamland. 

We get back your pictures next week and we cant wait!
Also, your baptism will be at the end of the month!!!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Free Mothers Day Gift!

Over at Sugar Fresh, they are celebrating Mothers Day by giving away a free printable! Available in a variety of colors :) Click on over HERE to snatch one up for yourself!! Also, make sure to check out all of her beautiful work.

I can't believe I will be celebrating my first Mothers Day this weekend!!! 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Little Darling Update

This little guy woke up refreshed and ready to take on the day! 

We are down in Maryland for almost one whole week and wow did that time fly by.
 All of us are adjusting to our new roles & routines. Even our pup Kingston is having to adjust to not being center of attention 100% of the time :)

The weather has been super nice so daily walks is a must!  I am continuing to feel more like myself...and getting antzy to get back into shape! Like..SUPER antzy! Especially with swimsuit season on its way..

Andrew's nursery is coming along! Ha... he is three weeks old and I'm still trying to figure out how to hang pictures! I'm still in need of a couple more pieces!! Then, I will share pictures of his room :) I promise!

I hope everyone has a beautiful week!!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Odds & Ends!

Hey everyone! The Little One is sleeping, so I figure I would take this opportunity to hop on the computer and do a post! :)  It has been such a wonderful time up at my parent's house! Just knowing they are here if I needed anything was just a huge help! I feel so blessed to have a great relationship with them...Tomorrow we head back down to Maryland. My parent's will stay for a couple of days to help us transition and of course unpack all the "Andrew" stuff. But, I know when they pull out of that driveway it will be a sad day. Living so far away from my family for several years was tough..and now getting to see them everyday has been wonderful that I guess I'm just not ready to leave!  The good news is..they are just a couple hours away to get my family fix! On the other side, I am looking forward to having TONS of quality time with Mr. Southbay & Andrew! For us, to start being a family...working thru the hurdles...figuring out our new lives!  I mean, we have to think about our Little One now before we do anything! :)

Today, while I had a babysitter, I headed to the outlets and snatched up tons of adorable outfits for Andrew that I totally forgot what my main mission was....oh well :)  It was so nice to get out by myself and turn up the radio on this beautiful day!  In fact, today is the first day I am feeling more like myself! Not 100% yet, but I can feel myself moving into that direction.

I've recently have become obsessed with all of Andrew's little details! His hands.....

 This blog posting has been hard to fit in! Someone else is definitely taking up all my time :)