Thursday, May 10, 2012

Little Darling 4 Weeks Old

-For a while there all you did was spit up...had me worried! But it seems you have worked it out and doing better with all of that :) I hope it keeps going this way!

-You are adjusting to your new home in Maryland very well! This past week was our official first week together..just you, me and Kingston :) It has been going soo good and I'm loving every minute!

-Bath time has been so much fun in the are so calm and appear to really enjoy them!

-Every night you spend quality time with your Daddy, while I grab some sleep :) Last night, you two rocked in the chair for awhile..I think you enjoyed it just as much as Daddy did!

-Everyday you spend some time in your swing. You appear to really like it at times and recently you are looking out the window while you swing :) Not sure what you are looking at exactly..but its super cute!

-Much more vocal...yes you are! hmm how can I convey the sounds you make?! "ahhhhhhhhhh"   "ehhhhhhhh" and you hold that for about ten seconds..and you go up in pitch,,.its very precious..and funny! Makes me smile, Daddy too!

-You are a growing boy. I had to adjust your car-seat straps today :) 

-Smiles! All the time recently :-)

-To help you fall asleep, we wrap you in your fleece swaddle...and like magic you are off to dreamland. 

We get back your pictures next week and we cant wait!
Also, your baptism will be at the end of the month!!!!

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  1. He is absolutely precious! Enjoy every minute of him and Congratulations!