Thursday, May 31, 2012

Our 3rd Anniversary!

Our 3 year anniversary was yesterday! Wow, does time fly! This years was different due to the fact we have a little one now with us :) In fact, we didn't even exchange gifts this year... they just were not that important.. What was? Having dinner together..and spending time with our Andrew. Mr. Southbay has been working very long hours..and when he is home he still does more work.. His job is so demanding right now. So, when we were able to just have dinner together and talk...Look at Andrew..simply spending time together was the gift. 

This year has been a "transition" year for us. This time last year we were living in Los Angeles and had no idea our lives were going to be taking a huge turn! We found out we were pregnant in August & in November Mr. Southbay's job would be relocating us to the East Coast.  We picked up and moved over Christmas.. Then in April, we became parents. What a whirlwind! To be 100% honest, there were times I was ready to scream and cry... change is never easy... but, I could never have done any of it without my best Husband :) 

It honestly doesn't feel like three years.. Where does time go? 
Here are a few pictures of our past year! We had a ton of fun!

Palm Springs  (I miss my tummy)

4th of July

Malibu Vineyards

Brother gets Married in PA

NASCAR in Fontana, So.Much.Fun.

Maternity pictures! We are back East!

Now our new adventure begins!

Every year we get our picture taken on a Hershey bar... don't worry we still plan on doing that! Making it a true tradition!


  1. Happy Anniversary!

    It's so different with a baby, right? Landon was born 1 month before our second anniversary, so all we did was leave him with my mom for an hour and a half so we could go to a nice dinner and we exchanged gifts. Much different than our first anniversary where we had a couple's massage, a nice dinner, tickets to see a show a few weeks later, etc. We're not doing anything crazy for our 3rd anniversary this year either :)

    1. yeah, we don't even have anyone down in MD that could watch him... :( oh well!! When we do go home to visit..we get tons of free time...! Thank the Lord for our parents right?!!! :)

  2. Happy Anniversary!! He looks just like you!

  3. So fun! I can't believe it's already been 3 years! That means we've been friends for 3 years now.. well, actually longer because I found you when you were planning your wedding! :)