Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mother's Day!

I can't believe I just had my very first Mother's Day! The weather was gorgeous in Southern Maryland and perfect for spending tons of time outside by the water. Saturday morning I woke up rather later than normal (YAY!) to a delicious breakfast made by my Hubby!

You see..out in LA there is a cafe/restaurant called Le Pain.. Everything is and delicious! Well, Mr. Southbay prepared one of our fav items on the menu.. Organic steel-cut oatmeal with tons of berries..along with agave syrup.  Yes, it was delicious! Then, we all got dressed and headed out the door to the Solomons Island boardwalk! It was a gorgeous day..tons of people out on their boats...walking and enjoying the day. For us, it was a lot of firsts! I took in tons that day...wanting to remember that specific time...on my very first Mother's Day. 

We headed home that night..relaxed! Mr. Southbay headed out for a jog...and the Little Darling and I went for a nap :) On Sunday, we decided to go back to the boardwalk..but this time we stopped at a restaurant that sits off the water for some lunch. The Maryland crab soup was ahhmazing!! We missed that stuff so much while living out west! We were in no hurry that day..I loved being able to just meander around..not having to look at the clock :)  

Oh Kingston you are adorable! I'm sooo happy our new area caters to pups!

Sunday evening..we grilled and sat out back relaxing...and I had a beer :) It was PERFECT!

Mother's Day Flowers!

Since I have been feeling really ready to get back into shape..we decided the best gift to give each other for Mother's & Father's Day is an elliptical! Between the both of us..there is little time left for the gym since our Little Darling consumes most of that :) So the gift of health it will be :) I can't wait to get on there and get my body back!

Congrats to all the Mothers out there!!!


  1. Happy belated Mother's Day! I'm glad you enjoyed your first one!

    We have a Le Pain one town over. Their food is excellent!

    You will be so happy you have an exercise machine in your house. We have a treadmill and I love that I can go on it whenever L is taking a nap. It's made getting back into shape a lot easier.

    1. yes! exactly!!!! oh, super jealous u have a le pain!!!!

  2. Your first mother's day! So fun! :) Loving this sweet pic of Kingston too! :)