Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Take Me Out...

To the ball game....we were off to Saturday night. We went with a ton of our neighbors. It turned out to be a great night! The weather was perfect too! Andrew did exceptionally well and it was in fact his very first bball game! It was kinda funny.. Mr. Southbay and I trying to figure out what we needed to take..and what we didn't. Never took a kid to a baseball game before and I know we had to walk a bit..In the end we got it figured out..  :)  We sat in the "field" area so we brought blankets and lawn chairs.. It was perfect!

Here are a few pictures from our night. On the way up I looked back to see him checking out his feet! I threw some shoes on his cute feet for the night. I normally don't put any shoes on him but I figure I should dress him up completely :) Wow...did he look soo cute in them!

It was also a perfect way for him and Daddy to spend some time together! Love this picture below.. cheek to cheek :)

Andrew was super content..Just looking around and checking everything out!

I had to get at least one picture :)

Then.. as he was sitting on Daddy's lap.. I looked back and he was asleep...So we put him down on the blanket and he was out ...  that game wiped him out!

This trip just makes me more excited to take him out and do more "1st time" adventures!

I hope you all had a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Drew's 4 Month Update!

Yes, it is hard for you to stay still :)

*Blowing bubbles..or "raspberries" as everyone calls it..soo cute!

*Size 2 diapers- Using 7th Generation or Huggies Pure & Natural- no dyes or perfumes. 

*SMILES all the time! You have a great smile!

*You are up to 6 oz at each feeding. 

*Last week you rolled onto your back! Yep, and your Daddy, Gigi and Popi were all there to witness! We recorded your new milestone!

*Your sleeping schedule is a bit all over the place. BUT I'm not complaining. In fact, last night you slept from 8:45pm to 6a.m.  This doesn't happen too often but I really love it when it does!!

*We have taken you to church a couple of times. Gigi and Uncle Mike have taken you up for communion. You do great in church!

*If someone isn't holding you..oh boy do you let us know!

*Your 4 month doctor appointment is August 24th. We can't wait to hear your new measurements!!!

*Periodically you will get bashful...put your head into my shoulder.. it is absolutely adorable!

*Grabbing your feet! Too cute!

*We have observed you are not sticking your tongue out nearly as much. YAY! but... you have found your thumb..and I don't want you to start that habit of sucking your thumb!

Just like the photo below... you found your thumb!

*For the past several weeks you have been sleeping in your own room. Even when we are up visiting Gigi & Popi. Still in your rocker sleeper..but I have a feeling you will be in your crib soon. Mommy and Daddy are sleeping much better too!

*Last weekend you experienced your very first yard sale :)

*Floating-You absolutely love floating around in the pool. It definitely has a calming effect.

*When we are out and about you prefer me to hold you then sit in your car-seat. 

*We have noticed that your vision is getting really good. Distance especially.

*Wearing size 3-6mo and some 6mo clothing. Just about every piece of 3mo is in the "no longer fit" pile. :(

*We cut your nails every week! They grow so fast...and wow you can really scratch yourself.

Andrew we love you so much!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Pool Time!

Andrew just LOVES floating around in the water. I can't wait till he is old enough for swimming lessons!

Sometimes he would suck on his arm..too cute!

He is a bit too tiny...But next summer will be a whole different story!

Love how Andrew is looking up at Kingston!

He would stare at the water...

Never want my other lil guy to feel left out! We floated around for a while..and Kingston loved it!

Monday, August 6, 2012

1 Year Ago..

One year ago from today we received some news that would end up changing 
out lives forever! 

This is what I wrote on our baby tracker website:

"On August 6, we took the test...and we let it sit for about 10 minutes till we looked at the results! It said "Pregnant." I personally didn't believe it... Darin said, "I knew it!." Me, not believing it...decided not to take the 2nd test and we headed to Urgent Care..and of course the Doctor said, "You are definitely pregnant." As we heard the news, both our jaws dropped again as if it was the first time. We sat in the car & took a deep breath...and decided we should head over to Borders to buy some books! :)  My first ultrasound was on August 19 and I was so nervous! Darin was in Los Angeles and I was in Palmyra..I was so grateful my Mother was able to go with me!  I was able to hear the heart beat and meet our little darling for the first time. The heartbeat was soo fast! Our darling was 6 weeks and 7days old :)  Everything looks healthy & only 1 heartbeat..whew!"

Wow, my pregnancy went super fast! This is me at 12 weeks....

 and at 37 weeks!

In between all of that we moved back east..found a new home..Mr. Southbay started a new job and then it really started to hit us! We are going to be parents any day now!  On April 11th..the party got started! Off to the hospital and the next morning, 6:33am out came our beautiful son Andrew!

It is amazing how fast your life can change..and how it is still amazing to think we created this baby...he grew in my tummy...and how he is a thriving young little guy! It is simply awesome...

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Quack Quack...

My Grandmother made this duck blanket for Andrew..and I just had to get some pictures of him with the adorable ducks! Andrew was just a happy little boy today..

I plan to make "Great Gram" a calendar for Christmas this year of Andrew..
definitely including these!

He is getting better at tummy time! 

Looking at the duck :)