Sunday, September 26, 2010

Kingston Oh My!

Over the past couple of weeks, my little innocent Kingston has been extremely naughty! Here are a few pictures to showcase his work. Oh and please keep in mind that we rent. It has been stressing Mr. Southbay and me out!

This is our front door..we will have to get new molding..

His recent work... and later brought it all up early one morning.. say 4:30am. :)

So, we hired a dog trainer to assist us in fixing this problem asap! We have come to the conclusion its separation anxiety. 

We went over to the pet stores and snatched up the following...

2. Homeopet drops- Anxiety
3. Bitter Yuck, no chew spray
4. Comfort Zone plug in.

So, can you imagine our bill? The play den has been a success! We crawled in with him...slowly introducing it to him.. so far we are doing great! We also introduced the Clicker as well...its been a while since I used it with him but he is responding very well to it! 

Anyone else have puppy problems?!

Lastly, a cute picture to end the post!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mmmm Pumpkin!

I LOVE pumkin pie! My plan was to have it baking in the oven by the time Mr. Southbay walked through the door tonight...Succeed!

It smells soooo good in the house! Mr. Southbay was all smiles as he peaked in the oven :) I am trying so super hard to do something special for him when he comes home from tons of show my appreciation and respect for all of his hard work and love!

Have a wonderful weekend my blogger friends!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mud Run!

I signed up!  On October 16th three of us Ladies are heading inland to Lake Irvine to participate in a mud run! It will be our very first and we are so excited!

We plan on wearing tank tops with some type of wording on them..along with bandannas..We do not want to wear anything that will be "heavy" when saturated with water..mud.  The course is 3.8 miles with tons of different obstacles..

At the end of the course you go through a "wash" cycle!

All donations go to support the Boy & Girls Club of Orange County. It will basically help support up to 16 different clubs! Have any of you done a mud race?!!!! Mr. Southbay isn't sure if he is participating but will be there regardless..cause we need pictures!

Monday, September 20, 2010

A Precious Trip to Macys

This past weekend Mr. Southbay and I went over to Macys to shop for a couch.. for some reason he kept being drawn over to the bed mattresses.. He convinced me to try this "amazing" bed..The cost.. 4555.00. Yes it was "amazing." As were were trying it out.. 

Me: Is this a king size? I feel so far away from you.
Mr. Southbay: I think so, I want our next bed to be like this!
Me: Yes, its very comfy but too big!
Mr: It will be nice to have the extra room..
Me: Yeah, maybe if we get another pup..
Mr: Yeah, but we will need room if the children want to come and lay with us...
Me: speechless...

Not sure what is in the air..or the water but Mr. Southbay has been saying more and more comments like this lately.. Me, I'm just sitting back and enjoying these precious moments! So, I will end this lovely post...with a lovely picture. Taken from our Forever After shoot...

T-Shirts Are Complete!

So, I managed to only mess up one t-shirt! Whew! All the bright yellow shirts are made and they look great!
Lefts first show the shirt my Father will wear...


The rest of the shirts look like this!

Since I only have 12 of the "caution" cupcake wrappers I was on the hunt for black ones! I couldn't believe I snatched up a box over at Michaels! Infact, they had several different cupcake cup designs..

It feels good to have all the shirts made! The last item on the list is purchasing a cupcake stand..I'm torn between ordering a stand over at the The Cupcake Tower or snatch one up at Michaels..

The party is October 1st! I hope to capture tons of great images for my Father! Mr. Southbay and I are super excited to fly back east for the weekend!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Attempting to Be Crafty..

So, my Father's 60th birthday is coming up!! We are throwing a small get together for him in a couple of I posted on my other blog, the theme of the party is construction. Here is a picture of the invites

I ordered these cupcake wrappers and intend to make carrot spiced cupcakes..(Dad's favorite!) When my Mother was in town last week we took a trip over to Michaels and snatched up ten bright yellow t-shirts! We plan to have my Father wear one that says "I'm Dean" on the front... and "Minor leaks, few repairs!" saying on the back.  Take a look at the picture below.. I wanted to incorporate the invite with the t-shirts. I had to add the "Est. 1950" his birthdate! We got the idea from another party..tons of people kept coming up and asking who was "Dan!?" It definitely created a lot of fun attention!
We chose nine other people who would be willing to throw on a t-shirt that says.. "Not Dean." It took me all day to figure out how to print  the wording in a "mirrored" effect. It was incredibly frustrating but was soo super happy when I figured it out all by myself :) My printer has "iron on sheet" as an option... So simple..yet soo difficult!

I picked up a packet of these iron on sheets at Michaels.. about eight dollars.. not bad. Oh and the shirts were 2 for $6.00!!

All the shirts are ironed...and ready for the wording..hopefully tomorrow I will be able to tackle this crafty project! My Father has absolutely no idea that I am flying into town.. 
I hope we can keep my visit a surprise :) 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

How Adorable!!

As many of you may know I love photography...I just signed up for a mini class on flash next week! So much to learn! So, I've come across a new photographer...Kelly Moore. Take a peak of this picture...absolutely adorable!

If you have a on over to her blog to see some of her beautiful work! Oh btw, this little girl's name is Posey :)  Mr. Southbay flies home tonight!!! I'm hoping he isn't too tired because we need to get Halloween shopping!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Nice Surprise!

Today was a sad day...I had to drop off my Mother at the airport! As I was walking up to our apartment I saw something sitting in front of our door... FLOWERS!!! Mr. Southbay sent me flowers from the East Coast!! Talk about perfect timing... 

Those small gestures...that make such a difference! 
I feel so happy now!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Couple More...

Sorry I have been so MIA :) My Mother flew into town and we have been having such a great time!!  I received a disk full of images from our family shoot last month! So, I had to share a couple more of our favorites..

I'm so glad we used the letters for a couple shots! 

I feel like the picture below is like a piece of art... 
This will be hard to figure out which ones to hang on the wall.

My Mother already asked me to make another Blurb Book filled with all the images! I'm excited to get started on this assignment!! Wouldn't this picture be perfect for a front cover?

Me and the Parents!

All photography by Jamie Blow Photography. Located in Dunn, North Carolina.

I hope you all are having a safe weekend!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend!

I hope everything had a relaxing couple of days off! I had to work Saturday and Monday..but had an excellent weekend anyways! On Sunday we went to Fiesta Hermosa by the beach. Tons of people selling their creative talents! For some reason I really wanted a snow cone..not sure why but I just couldn't resist.. The Mr and I finished the whole thing! We even ordered a was huge! Half strawberry...half pink lemonade..yummy! I don't even want to know how much sugar that calculated up to be :)

Mr. Southbay is actually flying back east to take part in a boy's fishing trip tomorrow :)  He will be gone for seven days.. which is a bummer..BUT! My Mother is flying out Wednesday and  it will be just the two of us! Not sure what we will all be doing... but simply relaxing on the couch with a glass of wine and catching up would be fine with me!

On Saturday, Little Man got a haircut! Finally :) I'm not sure he could see that well with all that hair in his face :) Infact, I had a little bit of fun with his hair last week.. take a peak :) He just sat there allowing me to play..I took them with my phone so the quality isn't the greatest!

Yeah, his hair is pretty long! But he is still the cutest thing EVER!

So, here is a quick picture of him today...
He is so adorable with his new cut! He can see now too!

I hope you all had a great weekend whatever you did! Happy Labor Day!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Lets Go P*S*U!

Today is Christmas for many people out there! College football officially starts up...Saturdays will be filled with football! Mr. Southbay is extremely content for the entire day.  As many of you know we are Penn State Alumni and are huge fans. Happy Valley holds a special place in our hearts.. This is the place where we first met..had our first date..first kiss and created tons of memories!! When we were planning our wedding, we actually contemplated using blue and white as our colors..We didn't go that route but we did include our beloved alumni here and there.

We unfortunately were not able to attend any games last year and probably not this year.. sniff sniff.. There is just something so powerful that occurs when you walk into the stadium..especially in the student section..It kinda gives me chills just thinking about it! It's just super exciting!

If you ever have the opportunity to attend a Penn State game.. don't turn it down! It is definitely an experience not to be missed! PSU is in the top 10 (#8) for best tailgating.. and fell to number 3 for top American party school.. not sure if I am proud of the latter..but certainly happy for our tailgating rank! 

Lets Go P*S*U!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Under The Weather

For the past week I haven't been feeling 100%...and lastnight I think it went into full gear. Today I'm off work and in bed. I haven't slept so much in a very long time. Why is it we always get sick on those days we really can't afford to miss? 

So, my day will be filled with tons of tissues!  At least I can take advantage of this time of rest to watch the U.S. Open in Flushing Meadows NY

There has been tons of news going with this year's US Open. First, lets check out Melanie Oudin's creations! Adidas approached her to create a pair of tennis sneakers and to choose one word that would be placed on the shoe.  Take a look for yourself! I think they are pretty cute!

Next,  Victoria Azarenka passed out on court. Seriously! She is walking to serve and the next you know she slowly goes down. How scary for everyone there! Click HERE to see a video clip of it. It turns out she had a mild concussion prior to her match and her symptoms became worse, seeing double, headache and feeling dizzy. scary! They lifted her up into a wheelchair and supported her head as they rolled her out.

AP Photo/Paul J. Bereswill
Early eliminations this year for Andy Roddick and Melanie Oudin are tough to hear! These players prepare all year for this tournament and to be eliminated early on has to be incredibly difficult to take! 

So, here I am on the couch getting my R & R! I hope I can kick this this infection super fast! My Mother is flying in next Wednesday and I have to be in good form!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Post Grad

Tonight I watched the movie "Post Grad." What a jammed filled awesome cast! 

Alexis Bledel, Gilmore Girls..  
the adorable Zach Gilford, Friday Night Lights... 
the Batman, Michael Keaton! 
Bobby Coleman, Last Song 
the hilarious Jane Lynch from Glee and Role Models. 
Lastly, Carol Burnett!

This is definitely a chick flick with humor.. It was one of those movies that do not require any thinking :) Perfect!!! I was however taken away with the amazing music played throughout the movie. If you get a chance click on over here to check out my favorite.  Jack Savoretti's One Day.  I believe tomorrow there will be a quick stop over at Best Buy!

Good news.. Mr. Southbay comes home tonight! Well.. 3am that is !