Sunday, September 26, 2010

Kingston Oh My!

Over the past couple of weeks, my little innocent Kingston has been extremely naughty! Here are a few pictures to showcase his work. Oh and please keep in mind that we rent. It has been stressing Mr. Southbay and me out!

This is our front door..we will have to get new molding..

His recent work... and later brought it all up early one morning.. say 4:30am. :)

So, we hired a dog trainer to assist us in fixing this problem asap! We have come to the conclusion its separation anxiety. 

We went over to the pet stores and snatched up the following...

2. Homeopet drops- Anxiety
3. Bitter Yuck, no chew spray
4. Comfort Zone plug in.

So, can you imagine our bill? The play den has been a success! We crawled in with him...slowly introducing it to him.. so far we are doing great! We also introduced the Clicker as well...its been a while since I used it with him but he is responding very well to it! 

Anyone else have puppy problems?!

Lastly, a cute picture to end the post!

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  1. Haha I JUST e-mailed you, suggesting the Thundershirt. I hope it works because we're moving this week and I really don't want our little one to destroy the newplace. lol.