Saturday, September 4, 2010

Lets Go P*S*U!

Today is Christmas for many people out there! College football officially starts up...Saturdays will be filled with football! Mr. Southbay is extremely content for the entire day.  As many of you know we are Penn State Alumni and are huge fans. Happy Valley holds a special place in our hearts.. This is the place where we first met..had our first date..first kiss and created tons of memories!! When we were planning our wedding, we actually contemplated using blue and white as our colors..We didn't go that route but we did include our beloved alumni here and there.

We unfortunately were not able to attend any games last year and probably not this year.. sniff sniff.. There is just something so powerful that occurs when you walk into the stadium..especially in the student section..It kinda gives me chills just thinking about it! It's just super exciting!

If you ever have the opportunity to attend a Penn State game.. don't turn it down! It is definitely an experience not to be missed! PSU is in the top 10 (#8) for best tailgating.. and fell to number 3 for top American party school.. not sure if I am proud of the latter..but certainly happy for our tailgating rank! 

Lets Go P*S*U!!!

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