Monday, September 20, 2010

A Precious Trip to Macys

This past weekend Mr. Southbay and I went over to Macys to shop for a couch.. for some reason he kept being drawn over to the bed mattresses.. He convinced me to try this "amazing" bed..The cost.. 4555.00. Yes it was "amazing." As were were trying it out.. 

Me: Is this a king size? I feel so far away from you.
Mr. Southbay: I think so, I want our next bed to be like this!
Me: Yes, its very comfy but too big!
Mr: It will be nice to have the extra room..
Me: Yeah, maybe if we get another pup..
Mr: Yeah, but we will need room if the children want to come and lay with us...
Me: speechless...

Not sure what is in the air..or the water but Mr. Southbay has been saying more and more comments like this lately.. Me, I'm just sitting back and enjoying these precious moments! So, I will end this lovely post...with a lovely picture. Taken from our Forever After shoot...

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  1. too funny! gotta hang on to your freedom as long as you can! i hear a baby changes everything and i'm not quite ready for that yet! still enjoying being a newlywed!! :)