Monday, September 20, 2010

T-Shirts Are Complete!

So, I managed to only mess up one t-shirt! Whew! All the bright yellow shirts are made and they look great!
Lefts first show the shirt my Father will wear...


The rest of the shirts look like this!

Since I only have 12 of the "caution" cupcake wrappers I was on the hunt for black ones! I couldn't believe I snatched up a box over at Michaels! Infact, they had several different cupcake cup designs..

It feels good to have all the shirts made! The last item on the list is purchasing a cupcake stand..I'm torn between ordering a stand over at the The Cupcake Tower or snatch one up at Michaels..

The party is October 1st! I hope to capture tons of great images for my Father! Mr. Southbay and I are super excited to fly back east for the weekend!

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