Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Tough Week

Tuesday is THE day... {deep breath} Kingston will take off to the East Coast! We are just not ready to part with our Little Man.. It will definitely be a different kind of "life" with him gone. This morning we drove up to Burbank for a quick mini photo session with our favorite photographer Jordana from Hazelnut Photography. It was a completely last minute idea and she was it was meant to be! :) For a quick twenty five minutes she took tons of pictures.. I am so anxious to get my hands on them :)  I am hoping to use one of them for our Christmas card this year. Here are a couple of pictures she took of Kingston this time last year as a matter of fact! Jordana did a shoot with my Parents and kindly snagged some adorable pics of our Little Man!

His hair was super long here.. such big ears!

Love those eyes :)

We drop him off at 10am..then what? We won't come home...where can we go? We want to go someone loud and busy.. Disneyland? Till then, we are snuggling and giving tons of kisses to our Little Man..lots of walks and hugs! We will see him in four weeks! Oh its going to be a tough week without him...

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm a little obsessed over these Whisker Works mustaches!

From US to YOU...Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Holiday Cards!

The talented Joy Liz Sage created two designs for my family's holiday card this year!

She designed a 5'7 card, designed on both sides. front and back are marked.
Here is the first design! I just love the picture of us walking away..

Here is a 2nd design!

We asked her to bold the family name...

 So, I believe we are going with the 2nd design! I totally recommend Joy Liz Sage! She was a blast to work with and we did all communicating through email. Super quick response too! Click HERE to see the birthday invitation she created for my Father's birthday.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

MIA Lately..

Life has been super stressful lately.. Mr. Southbay and I have come to the conclusion that we will be sending Kingston back east to live with my Parents. After four months of trying to figure out how to help our Little Man...we have come up empty handed..He is suffering from separation anxiety.. We have tried EVERYTHING! Two trainers & meds later. We are having to pack up his stuff..
For the past week I have been taking him to Doggie Day Care over at Petsmart..and he is finally participating and playing with all the other pups! The daycare is helping during the day but he still freaks out in the evening..At least I won't have any neighbors complaining! Here are a couple of pictures! I had to be careful that he didn't see me..

He is the one at the top of the picture...

Do you see him sniffing the dog? I think they are the same mix breed..Yorkie/Maltese!

A random lady went to the glass and Kingston came right up to say hi! Perfect timing right! This PetSmart,  program is wonderful! I totally recommend them to everyone! If I had to board my dog I would feel completely comfortable taking him here!

Oh my, I am going to miss him soo much! I just can't handle one more neighbor coming by and complaining... or coming home to see him entire face and paws saturated from panting all day.. I am so grateful for my Parents for taking him! Our plan is to move back east as soon as possible..Mr. Southbay has been searching for jobs ...applying but nothing yet! This economy is not helping!

On a positive note, all things happen for a reason. I will miss my Kingston so much! Words can not even begin to describe how it will feel coming home to an empty house everyday.. but I know he will have a huge backyard and a friend (Eli Mae) to hang out with all day. Kingston is leaving us the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. We are using PetAirways. I will be unsettled till I hear from my Parents saying they have him in their arms! 

Here is a picture of Eli Mae and Kingston on our wedding weekend! 
They were buddies then...they will be buddies again!

I am soo glad we are flying home over New Years! We will get to spend the entire week with King! My Parents said we will have to Skype in the evening :) 

Okay, deep breath.....exhale.....

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Doggie Daycare

Tomorrow is a big day for our little man Kingston... It will be his first day at doggie daycare! His separation anxiety hasn't gotten any better and it is super hard to come home and see his face saturated from salivating all day. Even when the dog walker comes by...he still goes into a panic state. 

So, after checking out several dog day care programs..I feel the most comfortable with Petsmart Doggie Day Care. I can't believe how clean and nice their facility was!! There are cameras in every room and tons of attendants! So I am super anxious for tomorrow and it will only be for about 5 hours..I hope he makes tons of friends and is completely exhausted when I pick him up! 

 Oh Kingston we love you so much but you are stressing us out!!!!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Perfect Sunset..

Yesterday, we headed down to the strand on Manhattan Beach and took a run... It was the perfect evening! Perfect was super clear out..we could see Catalina Island, which hardly ever occurs! There were tons of people outside just waiting for the sunset..and I couldn't stop taking pictures! 

Mr. Southbay!

Can you see all the surfers out there? 
I couldn't believe how many were out and wading in the water..

This is my favorite! I used our new phone.. Android!

What a wonderful way to end the hustle and bustle of the work week!

Monday, November 1, 2010

A San Diego Halloween!

This past weekend we spent Saturday evening down in San Diego with friends! It was one crazy night on the town. Our costumes came together perfectly!! Take a peak...

He we are all ready to go!!

We ended up at The Ivy Hotel, roof top. Very nice..perfect weather.
Oh and btw-his flower is real :)

We needed to rest of dancing feet...three different levels..
Each level different DJ... perfect!!

Smoochy Smooch...i loved my hair piece! Headband 3.99, Feather piece 3.99. 

I found this arm...and well.. put it to good use :)

Thank you San Diego for another crazy year of fun!!!