Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Doggie Daycare

Tomorrow is a big day for our little man Kingston... It will be his first day at doggie daycare! His separation anxiety hasn't gotten any better and it is super hard to come home and see his face saturated from salivating all day. Even when the dog walker comes by...he still goes into a panic state. 

So, after checking out several dog day care programs..I feel the most comfortable with Petsmart Doggie Day Care. I can't believe how clean and nice their facility was!! There are cameras in every room and tons of attendants! So I am super anxious for tomorrow and it will only be for about 5 hours..I hope he makes tons of friends and is completely exhausted when I pick him up! 

 Oh Kingston we love you so much but you are stressing us out!!!!!


  1. Poor Kingston... I hope doggie daycare works for him! Our little girl has been getting better with the Thundershirt, but I still feel bad when I come home on a bad day. =[