Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wedding Shoot Pictures!

Click on over HERE to check out some of the pictures from the mini photo shoot we threw together a couple weeks ago!!!!!

Makeup Artist Gigi Jara

Monday, December 27, 2010

Heading Back East!

Tomorrow night I hop on a plane for the East Coast! I am so excited to see my family and Kingston!!!! My Husband flew back today, (lucky him) and is currently with him and I'm sure giving him tons of love! It really hasn't felt like Christmas..especially living out here. So, I am looking forward to our Orthodox Christmas which is January 7th. Getting together with family...preparing traditional foods, Yummy!!

Speaking of Christmas day...well, ours didn't go to plan..not even close. We are dog sitting for a friend and well that dog has fleas..ugh! Then, we had reservations for Christmas dinner..we get there and they say, "oh we are running behind, it will be at least a one hour wait." ugh...we left.  Then it began to down pour! yes..still raining in Los Angeles!!  So we ended up at a Mexican restaurant :) food was fine.. it got better once I had a margarita in my hand! This was one memorable Christmas day!

This Sunday we are celebrating with family and friends my 30th birthday!!!
So looking forward to seeing everyone!!!  I can't believe I'm turning 30... {sigh}

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Our 2010 Holiday Card!

Oh, I'm so anxious for Tuesday to come around...
This has been difficult to be away from my Family over the Holiday!

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Raining and Pouring..

Over on the West Coast, it has been raining like CRAZY!! I mean, every day...every minute! There really isn't any place for all that rain to go!! Mudslides..oh my! There isn't much to do around here..and I want to stay away from the malls since everyone is doing their last minute Christmas shopping! I have been going a little nutty in our apartment..hence tons of online shopping!!

All this rain has inspired me to buy some rain boots! So, I'm currently on the hunt...
Burberry has some adorable booties! LOVING these shimmer check boots!

If I had some extra money laying around..possible these!

These purple boots by Kamik Ellie would be freaking adorable!!

Time to justify...I mean seriously, how many days out of the year would I wear these? They would last forever!!! My 30th birthday is coming up...hmmm should I go for those Burberry Shimmer Check? Would be soo perfect!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Wedding Shoot

Last weekend, I helped out my friend who is a makeup artist, do a fun mock up wedding shoot... The photographer, Jordana (Hazelnut Photography) was there to capture the beautiful pictures! So, now we are waiting... and waiting to get our hands on them! She posted one up on Twitter, stating it was her favorite! Take a peak at my friend Anna in her vintage dress :) Oh and my necklace!  :)

Anna hasn't worn this dress since her wedding day...she loved being able to throw it on and feel beautiful in front of the camera!! It was a very busy and chaotic day but I know we got some amazing shots! Soon as I get the rest I will share!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Lakers VS Clippers!

So, we FINALLY made it to a game!!! Well, this was Mr. Southbay's 3rd first!  It was such a good game..up to the last second of the game :) Let's cross this off the bucket list!

The Lakers and the Clippers share the same "home court" so tonight was a home game for the Clippers...You wouldn't have known it though! Sooo many Laker fans! I had to get a beer..that's what you drink at basketball games right? :)

After the game we headed outside over to the mini skating rink...soo many beautiful lights!! It definitely got me in the holiday spirit! I'm hoping to get back to downtown to throw some skates on myself!

Not the most flattering picture...but cute! 
Mr. Southbay drove all the way down from work to take me to the game!

Getting into the Holiday Spirit!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Family Photos :)

Jordana from Hazelnut Photography quickly squeezed us in for a last minute session before our Little Man took off for the east coast...and once again she did a phenomenal job! Sorry, photo overload!!!!!

 All Photography by, Hazelnut Photography

Update on the Little Man! He is doing great!!! My family gives me daily reports and says he is getting along with his new furry friends and takes daily snoozes snuggled in my t-shirts :)  Oh, this makes my heart happy :)