Monday, December 27, 2010

Heading Back East!

Tomorrow night I hop on a plane for the East Coast! I am so excited to see my family and Kingston!!!! My Husband flew back today, (lucky him) and is currently with him and I'm sure giving him tons of love! It really hasn't felt like Christmas..especially living out here. So, I am looking forward to our Orthodox Christmas which is January 7th. Getting together with family...preparing traditional foods, Yummy!!

Speaking of Christmas day...well, ours didn't go to plan..not even close. We are dog sitting for a friend and well that dog has fleas..ugh! Then, we had reservations for Christmas dinner..we get there and they say, "oh we are running behind, it will be at least a one hour wait." ugh...we left.  Then it began to down pour! yes..still raining in Los Angeles!!  So we ended up at a Mexican restaurant :) food was fine.. it got better once I had a margarita in my hand! This was one memorable Christmas day!

This Sunday we are celebrating with family and friends my 30th birthday!!!
So looking forward to seeing everyone!!!  I can't believe I'm turning 30... {sigh}