Thursday, December 9, 2010

Lakers VS Clippers!

So, we FINALLY made it to a game!!! Well, this was Mr. Southbay's 3rd first!  It was such a good game..up to the last second of the game :) Let's cross this off the bucket list!

The Lakers and the Clippers share the same "home court" so tonight was a home game for the Clippers...You wouldn't have known it though! Sooo many Laker fans! I had to get a beer..that's what you drink at basketball games right? :)

After the game we headed outside over to the mini skating rink...soo many beautiful lights!! It definitely got me in the holiday spirit! I'm hoping to get back to downtown to throw some skates on myself!

Not the most flattering picture...but cute! 
Mr. Southbay drove all the way down from work to take me to the game!

Getting into the Holiday Spirit!!

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