Thursday, January 31, 2013

Drew's 9 Month Update

*Making tons of "ehh ehh" noises.. too cute!

*Your 1st Christmas!! Oh, you were somewhat in to it :) Then 1/2 way through you fell asleep!

*First Orthodox Christmas :) Had a cold..yet able to go to church and see your Godmothers!

*First signs of separation anxiety..You have started to reach out for me..

*Rolling even more..somehow getting into everything. You lean forward onto your knees and hands but go down on your belly. No crawling at this time...

*Daddy has been home off work for two weeks and you two are getting to really know each other! Daddy didn't realize how many diapers you really go through in a day! :)

*You have two teeth so far..on the bottom!

*When you got your flu didn't even cry!!!

*Sitting in a highchair when we go out to eat! Oh vey..getting to be a big boy!

*Sleeping pretty good. Some nights I go over to make sure you are still there :) Then all of a sudden ever since you got a cold...all that went out the window!!! ugh!! we are working hard to getting you back to sleeping by yourself the whole night.. I do love our cuddle time...

*Popi put you on an empty shelf in the kitchen..along side of Clyde the there were two Elfs on a shelf :) It was really cute...

*We play peak a boo! You pull the blanket over your face..oh my you are adorable!

*Add raspberries, chicken, and green beans!

*Down to three bottles a day and two meals.Water in between..

*Size three diapers...

*Clothing- Size 9

* Measurements:   Weight 19lbs 6 oz,  Length 27.5in, Head 46.5cm  So we are down in the 29th % with height and weight.. Head is up in 81st!  

* Continuing the "potty training" we are getting more serious about it. More on this next month!