Thursday, April 26, 2012

Little Darling 2 Weeks Old

Wow, those two weeks flew by!

*You only enjoy tummy time for a little. You definitely work hard trying to keep your head up. Looking side to side. 

*Breastfeeding is going a little bit easier..You latch on really good when I use the shield. But wow, you are one strong little guy!

*Sleeping is something you LOVE to do... In fact, it is sometimes hard to get you awake! I know I should not complain but it does worry me at times. The Doctors keeps telling me its OKAY :)

*Since you are not exclusively breastfeeding yet, we are supplementing with formula. We did a change up since you are having so much gas :) but you are dealing with it like a champ! We hope you don't have your Daddy's digestive issues! Fingers crossed. 

*We had your newborn photos taken last Friday. We got to see two sneak peeks! OMG..absolutely adorable and we can't wait to share them with everyone! Click over HERE to see one for yourself!

*You LOVE it when we snuggle with you! Especially right after a feeding and you are on the verge of passing out!

*Your Doctor has seen you two times! Did you know that he was my Pediatrician too?! :) Your current measurements:
 Weight is 8lbs 6oz./ Length 20.50in / Head Circ 37in

*Within a few seconds you make approx 5 different expressions! My fav is of course when you smile! Also, when you pucker your lips with your eyes closed...its so adorable..makes my heart melt each time!

*Your Father has gravitated to you....He kisses you all the time and I hope one day it doesn't drive you nutty!

*We had to bump you up to the next diaper size already! You are basically in between sizes...

*I was worried like crazy that you haven't had a bm..(going on four days..) Today you did and I was soo ridiculously happy that I actually cried! I worry about you soo much!

Happy two weeks birthday Andrew!

This past weekend we headed over to some family and had our first official family shot! I think Mom & Dad look a bit exhausted :) Nonetheless, here we are!


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Andrew is Home!

Just a quick update, Andrew was able to come home with us on Monday! It has been a crazy adventure trying to figure out everything and getting to know our Little Darling Andrew. We went to his first doctor's appointment on Tuesday and it went really good! Here is a picture from today...

It has been absolutely wonderful staying at my parent's house... Having family by my side has been so helpful! I hope to have time to write more this weekend. Thanks to all my family & friends for all your support and prayers!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Let Me Introduce You!

On Thursday, 4/12/12, 6:33am, Andrew Michael was born weighing in over 8lbs! 

Unfortunately, he was taken to NICU immediately! I was only able to hold him for approx 30 seconds :( His color wasn't good and barely any sounds. Long story short for this post :) He is doing MUCH better, as I send out this post. It has been almost three solid days he has been with us and he has already made huge improvements. 

We got to hold him late Thursday night and it was such an emotional moment.  The Nurses and Doctors at the NICU are amazing people...seriously...AMAZING. With a such compassion.

We then learned yesterday morning (Saturday) that all tests were coming back negative and they were going to do a trial period with him off oxygen :) Well....he did great throughout the day! 

His poor cheeks took a beating from the tape.... but it was great to finally see him with NOTHING over his face!

So, now we are off to the hospital to visit our Andrew and we are praying and hoping for a Monday homecoming! So, all prayers and thoughts are greatly appreciated!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Little Darling Update 1!

Had an OB appointment! A distress test was performed, where they monitor the baby's heart rate and check to see if I'm having any contractions. So, after a good half hour the verdict came back with "No contractions & Baby is doing good." The OB checked me out and I have not progressed with dilation...JOY! He did a membrane scrape, hopefully that will move things along?! So, I go back next Thursday for some monitoring. If nothing happens by Monday (41wks 1 day) I will be induced! It felt good leaving the office with a plan! 

It also feels good knowing our Little Darling is healthy and we are OK!
Mr. Southbay is up in PA with me now and it has been wonderful having him by my side. He has been absolutely amazing..incredibly supportive. I could go on and on...

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Darling's 40th Week Update

Bump Pics
Left, standing with my Brother, Right, are my Parents! 

Can you believe we are at 40 Weeks?!
Honestly, I feel I don't think it's going to happen anytime soon!

Little Darling's Size: A Jackfruit in size.. hmm what is that? he's keeping up that lung development!
Countdown: DUE DATE TODAY!

Clothing: Less is best :) anything over my stomach..that is tight drives me nutz!
What I Miss: Food... ugh everything!

Cravings: Nothing in particular...
Exercising:  Walking...walking and more walking...but I get so fast!
Symptoms:Nausea... anxiousness! Fatigue, nose bleeds ugh!

Total Weight Gain:And...up to 145.5lbs...I go back to the OB tomorrow for a stress test/blood work.
Gender: ITS A LITTLE MAN!!!! We decided to keep his name a secret till the day of his birth!

Sleep: Not bad....but once I'm awake...I'm up! I do take naps during the day.

Movement:  He is getting low :) I know when he is moving... He is definitely stretching now.

On a Positive Note: I'm healthy and blessed! Mr. Southbay has been AMAZING lately..keeping me strong! Bags are by the door!

A Message To Our Darling: We are ready when you are ready!!!  We are sooo excited to meet you!!!! & See your beautiful face! Your Gigi and Popi too!


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Odds & Ends!

This past weekend we celebrated Mr. Southbay's birthday! Low key...went out to one of our fav restaurants in Hershey...then came home to the cheesiest birthday cake ever! Mr. Southbay just kept laughing..and shaking his head... Check this out!

I tried hard to convey I wanted purple and yellow... I kinda got a bluish purple? Anywho..I was going for Laker colors :) It was only 13.99..what a deal! We had a good time!

I've started to pack our bags. Over the weekend we stopped by some outlets and I snatched up a cute diaper bag. So, far this is what I have packed up for our Little Darling and his parents!

2 Nursing tank tops
1 sports bra
Sanitary pads
Coming home outfit- Juicy Pants/Jacket/Tank = COMFY
Toiletries- toothbrush/paste/mouthwash/deoderant
Facial cloths/toner spray- if I need that instant refreshed feeling!
Makeup- Concealer/Mascara/Eyeliner... my three musts :)
flipflops/Pjs- tshirt/pants (old stuff)
Pillow-with a bright pillow case so nobody takes it!

Mr. Southbay
Comfy clothes- extra t-shirts
He also has gum/mints and sugar free lolipops for me! I was told to get sugar free so it doesn't make me so darn thirsty!

Coming home outfit
2 Onsies
2 Socks
3 Newborn Zip Up Sleepers/Outfits  
Swaddle Blanket
Burp Cloths

I know I probably over packed for our Little One..but I'm not sure on his I figure Id rather have a few things to choose from. We are about 20 mins from the hospital so I'm not too worried about forgetting anything- easy to pick up!

The car seat has been installed for over a 2 weeks now. So we are ready there!
We will be staying at my parents house for the first week then driving back down to our place, so we are making a little home for our Little Darling! Today, I went and made some last minute purchases and feel ready for him to make his debut :)

Lastly- Trying to change the sheets on my bed this morning..and Miss Eli Mae just wasn't ready to get up!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Darling's 39th Week Update

Bump Pic
Little Darling's Size: Wintermelon, in size.. What is that? Let me just tell you..its BIG... He's probably able to flex his limbs now. (oh, i know he can)
Countdown: 7 days to go!!  what!!

Clothing: Stretchy clothing! Not feeling too beautiful these days....
What I Miss: Being able to eat a meal without feeling so incredibly full and sick afterwards...  I just can't eat a lot these days...

Cravings: Nothing in particular...
Exercising:  Walking...walking and more walking...
Symptoms:Umm, mini contractions and he is moving a TON! Up in the ribs now...I go Tuesday too the OB to see how many cm dilated... that will give us a better idea! Oh, and I always forget to mention that my bellybutton has been out for weeks!

Total Weight Gain:And...up to 145.5lbs...Not sure about these scales! Regardless..I guess I'm just steady....These past few days I haven't been eating the healthiest!
Gender: ITS A LITTLE MAN!!!! We decided to keep his name a secret till the day of his birth!

Sleep: Since deciding to deliver up back home with Doctors that I have known forever...feeling much better with everything...anxiety is lower..and I can actually sleep now.. I haven't taken Tylenol PM is several that is GOOD!

Movement:  He is getting low :) I know when he is moving... He is definitely stretching now.

On a Positive Note: Over all feeling better..Mom and I hit up BabiesRus the other day to get last minute items..  I think Mr. Southbay is nesting.. more than me!
A Message To Our Darling:Your Daddy, keeps talking about you more and more.. makes my heart happy!  Oh, and don't worry I just booked your first photo shoot! The first of many I'm sure :) This Lady we found is going to do an amazing job! I promise!