Thursday, April 26, 2012

Little Darling 2 Weeks Old

Wow, those two weeks flew by!

*You only enjoy tummy time for a little. You definitely work hard trying to keep your head up. Looking side to side. 

*Breastfeeding is going a little bit easier..You latch on really good when I use the shield. But wow, you are one strong little guy!

*Sleeping is something you LOVE to do... In fact, it is sometimes hard to get you awake! I know I should not complain but it does worry me at times. The Doctors keeps telling me its OKAY :)

*Since you are not exclusively breastfeeding yet, we are supplementing with formula. We did a change up since you are having so much gas :) but you are dealing with it like a champ! We hope you don't have your Daddy's digestive issues! Fingers crossed. 

*We had your newborn photos taken last Friday. We got to see two sneak peeks! OMG..absolutely adorable and we can't wait to share them with everyone! Click over HERE to see one for yourself!

*You LOVE it when we snuggle with you! Especially right after a feeding and you are on the verge of passing out!

*Your Doctor has seen you two times! Did you know that he was my Pediatrician too?! :) Your current measurements:
 Weight is 8lbs 6oz./ Length 20.50in / Head Circ 37in

*Within a few seconds you make approx 5 different expressions! My fav is of course when you smile! Also, when you pucker your lips with your eyes closed...its so adorable..makes my heart melt each time!

*Your Father has gravitated to you....He kisses you all the time and I hope one day it doesn't drive you nutty!

*We had to bump you up to the next diaper size already! You are basically in between sizes...

*I was worried like crazy that you haven't had a bm..(going on four days..) Today you did and I was soo ridiculously happy that I actually cried! I worry about you soo much!

Happy two weeks birthday Andrew!

This past weekend we headed over to some family and had our first official family shot! I think Mom & Dad look a bit exhausted :) Nonetheless, here we are!


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