Sunday, April 8, 2012

Darling's 40th Week Update

Bump Pics
Left, standing with my Brother, Right, are my Parents! 

Can you believe we are at 40 Weeks?!
Honestly, I feel I don't think it's going to happen anytime soon!

Little Darling's Size: A Jackfruit in size.. hmm what is that? he's keeping up that lung development!
Countdown: DUE DATE TODAY!

Clothing: Less is best :) anything over my stomach..that is tight drives me nutz!
What I Miss: Food... ugh everything!

Cravings: Nothing in particular...
Exercising:  Walking...walking and more walking...but I get so fast!
Symptoms:Nausea... anxiousness! Fatigue, nose bleeds ugh!

Total Weight Gain:And...up to 145.5lbs...I go back to the OB tomorrow for a stress test/blood work.
Gender: ITS A LITTLE MAN!!!! We decided to keep his name a secret till the day of his birth!

Sleep: Not bad....but once I'm awake...I'm up! I do take naps during the day.

Movement:  He is getting low :) I know when he is moving... He is definitely stretching now.

On a Positive Note: I'm healthy and blessed! Mr. Southbay has been AMAZING lately..keeping me strong! Bags are by the door!

A Message To Our Darling: We are ready when you are ready!!!  We are sooo excited to meet you!!!! & See your beautiful face! Your Gigi and Popi too!



  1. Congrats on 40 weeks! I feel the same about clothes now too, they're either too tight or I feel like I've worn them so many times.

    Good luck, I hope this week brings you a little man!!!