Sunday, April 15, 2012

Let Me Introduce You!

On Thursday, 4/12/12, 6:33am, Andrew Michael was born weighing in over 8lbs! 

Unfortunately, he was taken to NICU immediately! I was only able to hold him for approx 30 seconds :( His color wasn't good and barely any sounds. Long story short for this post :) He is doing MUCH better, as I send out this post. It has been almost three solid days he has been with us and he has already made huge improvements. 

We got to hold him late Thursday night and it was such an emotional moment.  The Nurses and Doctors at the NICU are amazing people...seriously...AMAZING. With a such compassion.

We then learned yesterday morning (Saturday) that all tests were coming back negative and they were going to do a trial period with him off oxygen :) Well....he did great throughout the day! 

His poor cheeks took a beating from the tape.... but it was great to finally see him with NOTHING over his face!

So, now we are off to the hospital to visit our Andrew and we are praying and hoping for a Monday homecoming! So, all prayers and thoughts are greatly appreciated!


  1. I had a feeling you had your son! I love his name! Congratulations, he's adorable! :)

    I'm sure the NICU thing is scary, but I'm so glad to hear he's doing better! Praying he can come home on Monday and that he continues to improve.

  2. congratulations! what a doll. hope you are all able to head home TODAY!