Thursday, April 5, 2012

Odds & Ends!

This past weekend we celebrated Mr. Southbay's birthday! Low key...went out to one of our fav restaurants in Hershey...then came home to the cheesiest birthday cake ever! Mr. Southbay just kept laughing..and shaking his head... Check this out!

I tried hard to convey I wanted purple and yellow... I kinda got a bluish purple? Anywho..I was going for Laker colors :) It was only 13.99..what a deal! We had a good time!

I've started to pack our bags. Over the weekend we stopped by some outlets and I snatched up a cute diaper bag. So, far this is what I have packed up for our Little Darling and his parents!

2 Nursing tank tops
1 sports bra
Sanitary pads
Coming home outfit- Juicy Pants/Jacket/Tank = COMFY
Toiletries- toothbrush/paste/mouthwash/deoderant
Facial cloths/toner spray- if I need that instant refreshed feeling!
Makeup- Concealer/Mascara/Eyeliner... my three musts :)
flipflops/Pjs- tshirt/pants (old stuff)
Pillow-with a bright pillow case so nobody takes it!

Mr. Southbay
Comfy clothes- extra t-shirts
He also has gum/mints and sugar free lolipops for me! I was told to get sugar free so it doesn't make me so darn thirsty!

Coming home outfit
2 Onsies
2 Socks
3 Newborn Zip Up Sleepers/Outfits  
Swaddle Blanket
Burp Cloths

I know I probably over packed for our Little One..but I'm not sure on his I figure Id rather have a few things to choose from. We are about 20 mins from the hospital so I'm not too worried about forgetting anything- easy to pick up!

The car seat has been installed for over a 2 weeks now. So we are ready there!
We will be staying at my parents house for the first week then driving back down to our place, so we are making a little home for our Little Darling! Today, I went and made some last minute purchases and feel ready for him to make his debut :)

Lastly- Trying to change the sheets on my bed this morning..and Miss Eli Mae just wasn't ready to get up!


  1. You are very smart to overpack! I made sure my husband and I had enough stuff to last 4 nights in case I had a c-section. Our hospital gave us clothes for L to wear until we took him home, but I brought a few different outfits too.

    You won't be using the pads you're bringing for several days and you will be home by then. You will use ridiculously massive ones from the hospital (steal as many as you can before you leave) because you bleed like nothing else regardless of how the baby is born, especially the first 24 hours. It's gross. I can't believe you're due soon! I can't wait for the post saying he's here and finally hearing his name! :)

  2. Thanks Melissa!! Yes, I heard the hospital gives us good stuff and to get what I can!!

  3. I also heard that the baby pacifiers at the hospitals are the best... so snatch those up!

    1. well, i want to make sure to est. a good latch before introducing those! But I'll see if they have any.

  4. Hi Nikki! I just remembered you had this blog, and was thinking you must be getting really close!

    A couple things to add to the list, if you haven't gotten them already...
    1. Nipple cream! I used Lansinoh, which is pretty standard. Even with a perfect latch, your nips will take a beating! I had a tube in the bathroom, bedroom, living room... You may also want to get some gel pads for your nips. They're pricey, but you will only need them for a few days/weeks and they help so much.
    2. We brought a docking station for our iphones, and streamed Pandora radio during labor. Even the nurse commented that it created a nice atmosphere.
    3. Darin may want to pack a few granola bars or other energy boosting snacks. Joe commented recently that he had been starving but couldn't get away to grab a snack (I never would have let him leave the room). Labor can go on for awhile, and if it's late, you might not have access to much until morning.

    Other than that, it looks great! I'm not an over-packer, and I packed so much more than that. I needed about 10% of what I brought!

    Good luck!!
    Lindsay Y

    1. YES! i do have that cream/gel pads etc ..didn't think to bring that.. and YES about snacks!! We talked about it..but didn't do anything about that yet! I have music!! :) thank you!!!!!! xoxox

  5. You may want to take your boppy/breast friend along too! It can be helpful instead of trying to position a bunch of pillows under your arms while trying to find a comfortable position that you like to hold him in while nursing.