Thursday, October 10, 2013

Andrew's Birthday-2

 When everyone started to sing happy birthday, Andrew had the biggest smile on his face. As if he was thinking... "They are singing to me!" It was precious... something I don't ever want to forget.  I was afraid he would cry! Nope!

 I changed his shirt to a nice green number :) The birthday hat only lasted a few seconds :) 

This was a first in my Grandmother wasn't quite sure what was going on! Everyone loved the idea of Andrew digging in a cake!

I love the highchair banner that I made....

The end result...

It was a busy, exhausting, fun, and exciting day! Hoping for his 2nd birthday, we can have it at our house :) My little guy will be 18 months on Saturday! Time is flying !

Andrew's Birthday Party-1

Okay, this is really over due. Kinda sad I am just now doing this post! I didn't get all the pics I wanted either! Boo! So, next time I will plan for more time and more help. Then I can take the photos I want... :)

I created the party favors myself. They were so simple, easy and delicious :) Skittles filled the clear bags and they were just so cute! They said, "Thanks for Crawling Over to Andrew's 1st Birthday!" When I was told they would supply the white table cloths..I didn't expect to see the floral pattern. Yes, probably only something I noticed...but ewe!

Each table had three different colored balloons (red,green & yellow) with a caterpillar and favors. No picture of this...darn!
I was soo proud of my caterpillar balloon! I made the eyes and nose :)

We ordered some cupcakes and a cute little smash cake! They were adorable!

I whipped up some cute cupcake toppers and of course one for his cake! 
I found the matching tablecloth online Here.

I also had some pictures of Andrew put throughout the table.

I even had water bottle labels made :) I loved them!

This was taken on the way home after the party! They were soo cute!

I really wanted to make sure I had a few kid activities so I found The Very Hungry Caterpillar coloring sheets and printed them off. They were a hit! Everyone was coloring..which was great!

There were a nice handful of kids at this birthday. That was definitely a first for me!! I think I did good with keeping the party moving..and keeping all entertained! We brought a few of Andrews push toys..which were a hit! 

It was the night before when I whipped up a cute little TVHC shirt for my birthday boy! He looked soo cute and everyone loved it!



We had a copy of the Very Hungry Caterpillar and had everyone sign it like a guest book! He can always look back and see who was at his party.  You can also see some of the bubbles I gave the kids at the end of the party. I used the same water bottle labels to add some cuteness!

So, that is that! The room looked so fun with all the balloons..I wish I would have a picture of the room! I mean, I completely over did it with balloons and I LOVED it!!! In fact, I had to give a lot of them away on our way out because I had no way of getting them home! :)

The next post will be his birthday party cake smash pictures!!