Thursday, October 10, 2013

Andrew's Birthday-2

 When everyone started to sing happy birthday, Andrew had the biggest smile on his face. As if he was thinking... "They are singing to me!" It was precious... something I don't ever want to forget.  I was afraid he would cry! Nope!

 I changed his shirt to a nice green number :) The birthday hat only lasted a few seconds :) 

This was a first in my Grandmother wasn't quite sure what was going on! Everyone loved the idea of Andrew digging in a cake!

I love the highchair banner that I made....

The end result...

It was a busy, exhausting, fun, and exciting day! Hoping for his 2nd birthday, we can have it at our house :) My little guy will be 18 months on Saturday! Time is flying !

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  1. hes so cute! 18 months already?!?!