Saturday, November 2, 2013

Happy Halloween!

This year was definitely different from last years! He is walking...saying Hi to everyone and has a mind of his own! :) These are our fun pumpkins! I really wanted to make a letter A pumpkin last year..and didn't' get to this year I was determined! I think its super cute!

We spent some time at the park with friends. I love his Halloween shirt!

Then we had pictures taken with the neighbors!
Everyone looked soo cute!

We didn't take him out trick or treating but we did have him hand out candy and he did such a great job! 

Before you new it... it was way past bed time and he was exhausted! Our neighborhood has definitely grown with tons of kids making this year much busier..and more fun!!

                     I even made his chaps :) Super proud of myself! Thanks to Pinterest!

Happy Halloween blogger friends!!!

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