Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Drew's 18 Month Update!

*Blowing kisses all the time! Even making that Mmmmmuawh sound!

*It is amazing you really understand what I am saying to you. You also have mastered selective hearing:)

*Started doing 1 minute time outs in a small chair. I'm not sure you understand that it's suppose to be a punishment....cause most the time you sit there with a big grin on your mouth... or seem completely okay.

*Finally starting to eat more raw fruits...you are really into apples, bananas, plums and almond butter! Cucumbers are also a big hit! Oh, and hummus!

*Daddy and I took you to Chocolate World for a Halloween themed evening. It was soo fun!

*Only saying Mum mum, Dada..and Hi! You will wave and say Hi to everyone! It would be nice to hear a few more words lil one.

*We started music class once a week. You love watching the other kids run around making noises...then you do the same! Playing instruments! You also like to look in the mirror and shake it.... like all.the.time! (as he is doing in the left photo below)  :)

*Wearing size 12-18 size pants & shirts from the Gap! You are tiny!

*Size 5 diapers, still using Honest and really LOVE them.

*Started gymnastics too! I love watching you try new things!

*Sleeping good at night. Every now and then you will wake up....but it's easy to lay you right back down.

*I finally have you taking naps in your crib.. (totally all me...letting you sleep on the couch)

*You are hitting the 10% for height!!! ahh  but 55% for weight.  You are one solid little guy. 

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