Friday, May 4, 2012

Odds & Ends!

Hey everyone! The Little One is sleeping, so I figure I would take this opportunity to hop on the computer and do a post! :)  It has been such a wonderful time up at my parent's house! Just knowing they are here if I needed anything was just a huge help! I feel so blessed to have a great relationship with them...Tomorrow we head back down to Maryland. My parent's will stay for a couple of days to help us transition and of course unpack all the "Andrew" stuff. But, I know when they pull out of that driveway it will be a sad day. Living so far away from my family for several years was tough..and now getting to see them everyday has been wonderful that I guess I'm just not ready to leave!  The good news is..they are just a couple hours away to get my family fix! On the other side, I am looking forward to having TONS of quality time with Mr. Southbay & Andrew! For us, to start being a family...working thru the hurdles...figuring out our new lives!  I mean, we have to think about our Little One now before we do anything! :)

Today, while I had a babysitter, I headed to the outlets and snatched up tons of adorable outfits for Andrew that I totally forgot what my main mission was....oh well :)  It was so nice to get out by myself and turn up the radio on this beautiful day!  In fact, today is the first day I am feeling more like myself! Not 100% yet, but I can feel myself moving into that direction.

I've recently have become obsessed with all of Andrew's little details! His hands.....

 This blog posting has been hard to fit in! Someone else is definitely taking up all my time :)

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