Friday, May 18, 2012

1 Month Old

A little late..but nonetheless!

I can't believe you are already one month old! It is goes so fast :( I have been trying so hard to take in every minute...!! Snap pictures of every cute little thing you do!

You are getting stronger everyday! Your neck and head control amazes me!  If you start crawling early..It won't surprise me one bit!

Your Daddy and I love you so very much..and fall more in love with you every day.. is that possible?

I think you are going through a huge growth spurt..every 3.5hrs on the dot you are ready to eat!!! There is no room to mean business :)

We have been up visiting family while Mr. Southbay has been away on business. Miss Eli Mae was soo excited to see her Little Brother :) She is always by his side! All she wanted to do was give him kisses.

I snatched up milestone month stickers over at Twinkle Dreams Design on Etsy!


  1. He is precious!! I love how the pup sits by him, that is sooo sweet!! I hope ours has the same reaction! :)

  2. I can't believe he's a month old already! He's cute!

  3. Ah too cute! Lexi loves giving kisses too. I am sure Andrew, Eli and Kingston will all be the best of friends.