Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Raining and Pouring..

Over on the West Coast, it has been raining like CRAZY!! I mean, every day...every minute! There really isn't any place for all that rain to go!! Mudslides..oh my! There isn't much to do around here..and I want to stay away from the malls since everyone is doing their last minute Christmas shopping! I have been going a little nutty in our apartment..hence tons of online shopping!!

All this rain has inspired me to buy some rain boots! So, I'm currently on the hunt...
Burberry has some adorable booties! LOVING these shimmer check boots!

If I had some extra money laying around..possible these!

These purple boots by Kamik Ellie would be freaking adorable!!

Time to justify...I mean seriously, how many days out of the year would I wear these? They would last forever!!! My 30th birthday is coming up...hmmm should I go for those Burberry Shimmer Check? Would be soo perfect!

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  1. I bought my red Hunter boots when I lived in Chicago after confidently stepping on what I thought was an area of fresh snow - promptly sinking six inches into a slushy puddle. Ugh. Now, I step wherever I want when I wear my boots, because NOTHING is getting into these puppies. Love!