Monday, August 6, 2012

1 Year Ago..

One year ago from today we received some news that would end up changing 
out lives forever! 

This is what I wrote on our baby tracker website:

"On August 6, we took the test...and we let it sit for about 10 minutes till we looked at the results! It said "Pregnant." I personally didn't believe it... Darin said, "I knew it!." Me, not believing it...decided not to take the 2nd test and we headed to Urgent Care..and of course the Doctor said, "You are definitely pregnant." As we heard the news, both our jaws dropped again as if it was the first time. We sat in the car & took a deep breath...and decided we should head over to Borders to buy some books! :)  My first ultrasound was on August 19 and I was so nervous! Darin was in Los Angeles and I was in Palmyra..I was so grateful my Mother was able to go with me!  I was able to hear the heart beat and meet our little darling for the first time. The heartbeat was soo fast! Our darling was 6 weeks and 7days old :)  Everything looks healthy & only 1 heartbeat..whew!"

Wow, my pregnancy went super fast! This is me at 12 weeks....

 and at 37 weeks!

In between all of that we moved back east..found a new home..Mr. Southbay started a new job and then it really started to hit us! We are going to be parents any day now!  On April 11th..the party got started! Off to the hospital and the next morning, 6:33am out came our beautiful son Andrew!

It is amazing how fast your life can change..and how it is still amazing to think we created this baby...he grew in my tummy...and how he is a thriving young little guy! It is simply awesome...

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  1. It is amazing and what a miracle! Your pregnancy sure did seem to go by fast too!