Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Drew's 4 Month Update!

Yes, it is hard for you to stay still :)

*Blowing bubbles..or "raspberries" as everyone calls it..soo cute!

*Size 2 diapers- Using 7th Generation or Huggies Pure & Natural- no dyes or perfumes. 

*SMILES all the time! You have a great smile!

*You are up to 6 oz at each feeding. 

*Last week you rolled onto your back! Yep, and your Daddy, Gigi and Popi were all there to witness! We recorded your new milestone!

*Your sleeping schedule is a bit all over the place. BUT I'm not complaining. In fact, last night you slept from 8:45pm to 6a.m.  This doesn't happen too often but I really love it when it does!!

*We have taken you to church a couple of times. Gigi and Uncle Mike have taken you up for communion. You do great in church!

*If someone isn't holding you..oh boy do you let us know!

*Your 4 month doctor appointment is August 24th. We can't wait to hear your new measurements!!!

*Periodically you will get bashful...put your head into my shoulder.. it is absolutely adorable!

*Grabbing your feet! Too cute!

*We have observed you are not sticking your tongue out nearly as much. YAY! but... you have found your thumb..and I don't want you to start that habit of sucking your thumb!

Just like the photo below... you found your thumb!

*For the past several weeks you have been sleeping in your own room. Even when we are up visiting Gigi & Popi. Still in your rocker sleeper..but I have a feeling you will be in your crib soon. Mommy and Daddy are sleeping much better too!

*Last weekend you experienced your very first yard sale :)

*Floating-You absolutely love floating around in the pool. It definitely has a calming effect.

*When we are out and about you prefer me to hold you then sit in your car-seat. 

*We have noticed that your vision is getting really good. Distance especially.

*Wearing size 3-6mo and some 6mo clothing. Just about every piece of 3mo is in the "no longer fit" pile. :(

*We cut your nails every week! They grow so fast...and wow you can really scratch yourself.

Andrew we love you so much!!

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