Thursday, June 7, 2012

Drew's 2 Months Update!

Can you believe we are already at 2 months :)
 You are becoming so darn handsome!

*You are very curious with your tongue lately. Always moving it around..and sticking it out! Drives me nuts sometimes:) Blowing bubbles is new too! When you want more food after a feeding you cry and spray saliva all over!

* Tummy time..or should we call it screaming time? You are definitely not a fan of this, yet we persevere. We try tummy time on the bed since its softer and have you look over the edge.. this works very well! Sometimes, you do tummy time on me! I prefer this method!

*Up to about 4 ounces, oh vey! Getting sooo big! When you are hungry you let us know with such loud cries. It's a very specific cry with a big frown.

*Smiling all the time! Makes me melt...

*During the day we have "school time" as I call it :) You sit in your boost chair or boppy pillow and look at black and white pictures, music toys, and I sometimes read to you. It all depends on your mood! Below are a few pictures of you in action! 

Yes, Kingston is there too!

You could look at these for a good 15 minutes... its seriously amazes me! 

Looking sooo serious in your chair..ready for business!  We were up in your room one day and I figured we see how you would look sitting in your chair.. Ya got a ways to go before you fit properly in there! Nonetheless..still adorbs and I don't want you to fit in that chair... stay small don't get older please :)

*Since you are eating more... you are going through diapers so much faster! We are attempting to give the "g" diapers a try.. I'll give you an update next month :)

*Baby acne has come and almost gone! Whew...

*You are growing soo fast Little Darling. I do have your measurements but they are up at Gigi's house. So I will plug them in asap! Next week is your well visit and first round of shots.. I am NOT looking forward to this.

*Doctors, we love your pediatrician up in PA but I think we finally found a good one down in MD. This was pretty stressful. I only want the best for you!

*When you are so tired and need that little boost to get to sleep I put you in the fake "breastfeeding hold." Give you a pacifier and wow, you are out within five minutes. It is seriously amazing how fast that works.. especially when you are cranky and sooo overly tired. 

*When you are awake and alert your eyes are soo big! Tracking has gotten really good!

*Sunday May27th, was your baptism!
First communion June 3

*First church picnic June 3 :) You met soo many people who love you...
Below is a picture of you just snoozing at the picnic. Our little boxer!

*Daddy has been working a ton of hours lately so we have been spending some time up in PA.  Making tons of trips to A&M and Amish Hooters (inside joke)...

*Sleeping, at night it will be a good 4-5hrs before you wake up..then it could be 3hrs. Still figuring it out :) But sticking to a strict routine. I call it the 3B's.. Bath, Bottle, Bed :) 

*Some of your clothing is getting too small :( Especially in length! We started a bag in your closet..the "no longer fit bag." It's kinda sad...

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  1. he's adorable! glad to hear that all is going well! :)