Saturday, June 30, 2012

Andrew's Nursery

It only took us like forever to complete it..and is it really completed? No, we are still on the hunt for a piece of furniture to set the monitor on..but till then, I think it looks great.

The bedding is from Land of Nod.

Pillow and lamp is from Target.  Blanket is made my a dear MOH to be precise!

Storage bins were snatched up at Lowes! I found that cute elephant at Pier One..just a lovely random surprise! The rest were all gifts!

Oh, I was so excited to frame two of my favorite prints of Andrew! A Thank you to Heather Blair Photography!

The letter "A" & "Love" was found at Michaels. Frame-Ross, Birds-Belk, Print-gift shoppe in Mt. Gretna, PA. They were all random finds..I figured I'd eventually find everything I needed if I didn't exactly plan it!

After doing some reading about designing a baby's room..and applying some "feng shui" concepts, it totally changed my perspective on my approach. Now, I didn't go 100% "feng shui" but I did follow some "concepts." For instance, I have a framed picture of  "Mom & Dad." Showing that we are the parents and that there is a level of respect in place. 

Oh, I found that sheep at a grocery store and it was on a major sale after Easter! He was too cute to pass up! Changing cover was found on Etsy at Little Owls Nest.

Two of my favorite prints! Over at Hop Skip Jump Paper-"I Love You More than Saturday College Football." That print was from Daddy..if you didn't already guess that! On the right, is a bedtime prayer, found over at Enduring Arts. Frames-IKEA

Elephant bank found at Pottery Barn Kids. Letter "A" book end-Target

I wasn't sure which way to go with the drapes. I originally had a bright teal color but decided against them..I wanted a room that was relaxing/soothing...We located the drapes over at Lowes too! The grey lamp is from IKEA. Do you see a small car sitting in the left window sill? That is Mr. Southbay's pinewood derby car as a young boy..It matched perfectly and to have something so special to put in Andrew's room well, it puts a smile on both our faces!

The baby furniture was purchased at Rock-a-Bye Baby in Annville, Pa. Brand-Westwood Designs.  The book shelf is from Target.  Leather recliner-Ashleys Furniture

Just about everything purchased for Andrew's nursery was on sale..Every time I would go to Target..or well any store for that matter I always had my eyes open for the next special piece! Since we rent, I couldn't paint the walls which really limited me on what I had in envisioned in the first place..but it made me look outside the box and figure out how to add color other ways..we are definitely by no means interior decorators..but this small project was fun! Project Nursery was a HUGE help!


  1. What a beautiful nursery! Great job!

  2. Gosh, I really did miss so much on your blog! I am loving all the updates. His nursery turned out so good! I love the colors and the bedding! Also, the birds are a great find! I've been looking for some similar birds to use as decor for our home. If you find any let me know!