Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Andrew's Big Day!

On May 27, our Andrew was baptized! At 3pm, the ceremony commenced at our church with several friends and family.

I don't have any real good shots of his first outfit. This was my Brother's baptism outfit..and I loved the idea of Andrew wearing it as well!

He was baptized into an Orthodox Church. It is a very traditional service. Approximately 45 minutes long.

 I was soo proud of my little guy!

Then they take a couple pieces of his hair. Well, our Priest got a little carried away and can you see the spots on his head?! Oh, I gasped... I know when we look back at this day, we will laugh. Its only hair! 

Yes, he almost slept the entire time... he was soo good! Even when they put him in the water. The picture below shows him in his 2nd outfit. I had it made over at Happy Little Monkey on Etsy.

Here we are with his two Godmothers. Yes, we are a little different... we went with two amazing women from our church who I have no doubt will fulfill the role of Godparent to the fullest! 

Below is a picture of a good friend from high school. Since being back East, I have been able to see my friends a lot more. It's soo nice! Andrew was starting to wake up around this time.... He looks so cute in his outfit!

Afterwards, we had a dinner and socialized! It was so nice to spend time with everyone..especially those who were meeting Andrew for the first time!! I decided to splurge and get a cake specially made for Andrew's big day :) It was filled with fresh strawberries! Super delicious btw..  I found a new baker in our area in Central PA. Katie's Cakes Cakery.

I made these yummy treats!

Do you see a color theme developing here?!
I couldn't resist getting napkins made too! Those were of course purchased by Tere Quade! I have used her service for several events now, and I'm always happy with the results!

My last little detail...I created some favors for our guests... I had tons of plastic little bags left from my baby shower. I saw something similar online and just whipped up about 30. Mr. Southbay helped me out and we were very pleased with our work :)

Andrew was so good! Our Priest was so impressed with how he slept just about the whole time... Once we made it back to my parent's house, I had to get a picture with his Gigi :) aka my Mom!

He loves looking up at the pergola.

He is officially Orthodox! I hope to remember to put on his cross each time we go to church for communion.   It looks so cute pinned on him! Did I mention how proud I am? :)


  1. What a nice day!

    We meant to get Landon baptized at around 4 months old. he's 12.5 months old now and it still hasn't happened. We suck lol

  2. Such a sweet, special day for baby Andrew! Mommy did an awesome job with all the details! I love the treats, napkins and his precious little outfit!