Monday, July 9, 2012

Drew's 3 Month Update!

*You are growing way too fast! On Monday June 18th you received some vaccinations. You were a champ!

*June 18th,  Weight 11lbs 11oz, length 22.5inches, head circumference 16inches!

*Up to about 5-6oz per feeding! You definitely let me know when you are hungry..

*We still tell everyone that you are such a good have the best temperament. I hope it sticks!

*Wearing size 3-6mo clothing. It makes me sad each time I throw another piece of clothing in the "no longer fits" bag. 

*You are mesmerized by the glow turtle...we turn it on as we are getting you dressed after your bath.  It relaxes all of us :)

*I started using the baby monitor while you take naps in different places upstairs.. sometimes in your crib, rocker sleeper or packnplay. Not sure what I would do without that monitor! You are still sleeping at night in our bedroom but I have a feeling that will be changing soon!

*You try your hardest to roll over... today infact you were able to roll onto your side but that was it. It will come soon my dear!

*Since Daddy has been off on business lately..we are driving back and forth to PA..I pop in your U2 music lullaby cd and it automatically calms you...Since it's U2..I don't mind it at all... I kinda really like it.

*When I dive in to give you a kiss on your cheek you anticipate me and open your mouth..super cute!

*Sooo curious, constantly looking around and taking in everything! I sometimes catch you watching that is adorbs!

*We celebrated our First Mother's Day...Father's Day..and 4th of July!

*Wearing size 1 Huggies, fits you way better than Pampers. We tried the G-Diapers but they just didn't fit correctly around the waist.. Left red marks and that's no bueno.. I have thought about cloth diapering but with so much travel back and forth to PA recently..I don't want to impose that at my parent's house..nor on my parents..

 *Obsessed with sticking your tongue out! Oh my... !  :)

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  1. 3 months already? Time flies! He's adorable and it sounds like he's doing great! :)