Monday, September 17, 2012

Playing Catch Up!

My just a few words lately has been I totally get the phrase... "full time mother.." as an occupation. Mr. Southbay has been working a TON. I'm so grateful that our little guy has been such a great baby.. I can't complain... not one bit! 

This past week..I learned I have hyperthyroidism and well it has definitely put a bit of a scare in me. Besides losing tons of hair..horrific headaches...etc I am anxious to get my results back from a thyroid ultrasound. It is also taking forever to get in with a specialist too which doesn't help one bit. So, my days right now are just trying to stay active..and keeping me "busy" per se... So there is little room for my mind to wander off to "what if" ville.....

This past weekend we went to our church picnic and I did a kolo while holding Andrew! arm was ready to fall off :) but he loved it! (A kolo is a circle dance, ethnic). Here is a picture of him just showing how much fun he was having!

My girlfriend did a "boppy nogin" search on Google and on page 6 she came across Andrew's picture.. my lil guy is famous! :)  2nd row, last pic. Oh now that put a smile on my face!!!

 One day last week while I was cooking dinner I turned around and saw Andrew's bib turned into a cape! How adorable!!!!! OMG....It made me melt!


We just purchased him an exersaucer and he absolutely LOVES it... We went with this one from Evenflo.I totally recommend it!!! 

Can you believe that the summer is coming to an end? Wow that went fast! We booked a 6 month photo session for our family and I'm totally looking forward to this!!

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  1. awe Nikki, I hope you feel better soon! Love his photo btw!