Monday, November 5, 2012

DIY-Christmas Ornament

This is a DIY that I have been wanting to create since we tied the knot! Yes, its been over three years! I just couldn't part with our left over wedding today I pulled them out of hiding and got to work. I found this idea over on weddingbee. Wow..haven't been over there in a long time!

Here is the finished product! I want to say it looks better in person!! It will look even better on our Christmas tree this year!!!

First cut your invitation into strips. Then roll them up somewhat tight..I used a piece of tape to secure them. I also let them sit for a day prior to placing them in the glass ornament just incase the tape gave way.. It did happen quite a bit!

I won't lie..this project took me a while to complete! It also depends on the size of ornament. Or you could just place the strips inside the ornament.(see below) It takes like no time at all to complete. I think it also depends on colors of your invitation. If you have a very colorful invite it would look great. Since a huge part of my invite is white I had to really try to keep the green showing as much as possible.

Soon as we put up our Christmas tree I will snap some pictures of them! We have one of our invitations framed and I love looking at it..but now I get to use them again. It is such a great way to use your left over invites..and have such a meaningful ornament.


  1. I love this idea! So, are those two different ornaments? One with the rolls (tape on them still?) and then one with the strips?

    1. yes, the one with the a "reg" size ball.. the one with the rolls is a larger size..i would call it xtra large. I got them at Michaels.